Frenchville State School in Frenchville.
Frenchville State School in Frenchville. Contributed.

Council proposes staggered finish times at busy Rocky school

A CHILD'S close call with a car running a red light was the latest in a long list of concerns among a school community plagued by intense traffic congestion.

Although the issue had been on Rockhampton Regional Council's radar for some time, this was the complaint which prompted an official report on road safety around Frenchville State School, one of the largest primary schools in the city.

The student body has grown from 865 in 2011 to 1026 currently enrolled, which has only increased the school pick-up and drop-off woes.

Councillors were today handed a report which outlined the congestion in the set-down facility near the intersection of Beasley Rd and Frenchville St.

In investigating the report, officers saw queues extending along Frenchville Rd as far as 200m, with cars beginning to queue from 2.30pm.

In a bid to ease the pressure, councillors today approved several measures aimed at keeping the traffic flowing.

Acting Mayor Councillor Tony Williams said despite investments in infrastructure, a whole-of-community approach was needed to fix the problem.

"The measures we are looking at include changes to line marking on Geordie St, phasing the traffic lights at the intersection of Beasley St and Frenchville Rd and working with the school and Education Queensland to discuss potential staggered finishing times and future planning,” he said.

"Council takes the safety of everyone in our region extremely seriously and that's why we've already invested in infrastructure and carried out inspections on site. But we can, and are, looking to do more.”

Councillors were told staggered finishing times had worked well in other schools of similar sizes and Cr Williams said it was something council would urge the school to consider trialling.

The report presented to councillors concluded closer negotiation with Education Queensland was required to prevent further traffic congestion as the school continues to grow.

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