Council tough on pet law breaches

IN the past five months Rockhampton residents have racked up a total of 251 animal infringement fines.

The biggest month for council fines was 78 in September, closely followed by 71 fines handed out in October.

In September, 30 residents received fines for wandering animals, 25 were caught for not locking their pets in properly, and 18 for walking their dogs without a leash.

In October the most fines were given to people with unregistered animals; 43 were fined for this infringement.

Wandering-animal fines fell to 18 in October, while nine people were fined for not keeping their pets in properly.

Meanwhile, last month council penalties dropped to 42 in total, with the main transgressors those with unregistered animals.

There were 25 fines for this offence, while one person was issued a fine for having a wandering pet.

There were eight insufficient-enclosure fines, one animal owner was fined for walking a dog off the leash and seven were fined for having more animals than permitted.

A Rockhampton dog owner, who didn’t want to be named, said she was angered after receiving a fine last weekend for walking her dog off the lead in the Mt Archer area.

“I have no problem with the rule itself, but I have been walking my dog without a leash in the area for years without an issue,” she said.

She said her dog was always well-behaved and she had trained it from a young age.

Back in July, there were a total of 28 animal infringement fines issued, and in August there were 32.

Council’s Community Standards and Compliance officers carried out region-wide patrols throughout last weekend, issuing fines for irresponsible pet ownership.

A council spokesman said dogs weren’t restricted from wandering only from 9am-5pm on weekdays. Weekend patrols would happen and rules apply at all times.

This was in part in response to the community call for an increased presence of council officers patrolling the region as well as the council’s low tolerance for irresponsible pet ownership.

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