The artist’s impression of the proposed skate park. Picture: Tea Tree Gully Council/Facebook
The artist’s impression of the proposed skate park. Picture: Tea Tree Gully Council/Facebook

Council’s skate park post too rude for Facebook

A Tea Tree Gully Council Facebook post calling for comment on its new skate park design has been mocked online for being a total balls up.

The post on Monday included an aerial image of the design for a skate park in Bentley Reserve, Holden Hill, which attracted comments about its suggestive look.

One commentator said the image looked a bit "dicky".

"Looks like someone thought long and hard about that design," another wrote.

The post was soon deleted following community ridicule and replaced with a new artist's impression showing the design from a different angle.

Tea Tree Gully's customer and communications manager Elissa Graves emailed elected members to say the post had been deleted.

"The upside is it will hopefully bump up our community engagement feedback on the new designs," Ms Graves said.

This prompted an elected member to argue it should not have been removed as the council could have "milked" the free publicity.

Cr Lucas Jones wanted feedback behind the decision to remove the post.

"Why are we now changing the picture?" Cr Jones said.

"Why not own it and milk the free publicity as much as we can?"

Cr Jessica Lintvelt said she had received positive feedback about the design, with a friend saying it looked like a "really practical design" and a "lot of fun to skate".

"Then (the friend) asked me for the link to other designs, so that's a win," she said.

The design is out for public consultation until and can be viewed

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