Rockhampton Courthouse.
Rockhampton Courthouse.

COURT: 105 people facing Rockhampton Magistrates Court today

EACH day any number of people appear in Rockhampton courts on a range of different charges.

Here is the list of 105 people appearing in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today, Wednesday July 1.

Accoom, Damien Ross, Mr 1 9:00AM

Adidi, Timothy Richard 1 9:00AM

Agnew, Michael John 1 2:00PM

Atkinson, Scott Aaron 1 2:00PM

Bailey, Byron Leslie, Mr 1 2:00PM

Baker, Kevin Leslie 1 2:00PM

Baker, Leonard George 1 2:00PM

Barsah, Mislaam Lewis 1 2:00PM

Bennett, Nathan John 1 2:00PM

Bennett, Nathan John 1 8:30AM

Bingham-James, Jessie Allana Storm, Miss 1 2:00PM

Black, Kenneth Barnard, Mr 3 10:00AM

Bloomfield, Anthony James 2 2:00PM

Bloomfield, Anthony James 1 2:00PM

Bloxsom, Brody James, Mr 1 2:00PM

Broomhall, Trevor-John 1 2:00PM

Brown, James Christopher, Mr 1 2:00PM

Brown, John Lionel Edward 3 10:00AM

Bryan, Kale Benjamin 1 9:00AM

Butler, Kolbe James Langley, Mr 1 9:00AM

Carter, Kristen Louise 1 9:00AM

Cavanagh, Pauline Louise 1 9:00AM

Close, Cheyanne Rose, Ms 1 2:00PM

Conway, Mark Frederick Thesel, Mr 3 10:00AM

Currey, Craig Troy, Mr 1 2:00PM

Davidson, Anthony James 1 9:00AM

Davies, Oren Thomas 1 2:00PM

De Silva, Jason Andrew Scott, Mr 1 9:00AM

Dolar, Arwa Valmai 1 8:30AM

Donovan, Troy Allan 1 2:00PM

Doyle, Clarissa Colleen 1 2:00PM

Duncan, Melavi Roy 1 9:00AM

Eastell, Tabitha Marie, Ms 1 2:00PM

Ferguson, Kauanne, Miss 1 2:00PM

Flenady, Chloe Alyce 1 9:00AM

Fraser, Rhys Cambridge, Mr 1 9:00AM

Geiger, Giobi Sydney 1 2:00PM

Gela, Ziglocious Maison 1 2:00PM

Godfrey, Timothy James 1 2:00PM

Gooda, Judith Linda 1 9:00AM

Green, Phillip James 1 2:00PM

Hardacre, Ross Allan 1 9:00AM

Heaslib-Brownlie, Brendan James 1 8:30AM

Henry, Marshall John 1 9:00AM

Heumiller, Frederick Thomas John, Mr 1 2:00PM

Hill, Eddie 1 9:00AM

Hill, Eddie 3 10:00AM

Hinton, Melitta Jayne 1 2:00PM

Hixon, Gregory Robert 1 2:00PM

Howe, John George 1 2:00PM

Huff, Cameron Troy 1 2:00PM

Ibbott, Grant Lloyd George 1 2:00PM

Jackson, Drew B 1 9:00AM

Johnson, Brendan Lee 1 9:00AM

Jones, Nathan Charles, Mr 1 9:00AM

Jones, Samantha Lee 1 9:00AM

Kemp, Damien Aaron, Mr 1 9:00AM

King, Cameron Dwayne 1 9:00AM

Levinge, Alia Marie, Miss 1 9:00AM

Lill, Bailey Joseph 1 9:00AM

Matheson, Margaret Rose 3 9:00AM

Mcconnell, Jarrad Michael, Mr 1 9:00AM

Miller, Ivan James, Mr 1 2:00PM

Mills, Benjamin Paguira, Mr 1 8:30AM

Mitchell, Christopher Lucas, Mr 1 2:00PM

Mitchell, Reece John 1 9:00AM

Mowen, Bevan Alan 1 2:00PM

Muggeridge, Christopher John 1 2:00PM

Murray, Michael James, Mr 1 9:00AM

Mwangi, Pauline Wacheke 1 2:00PM

Oran, Joy Audrey, Ms 1 9:00AM

Payne, Dylan Lachlan, Mr 1 2:00PM

Proctor, Gary William 1 9:00AM

Randall, Seinne Douglas, Mr 1 9:00AM

Rankin, Alex James 1 2:00PM

Roberts, Damien Craig 1 2:00PM

Robertson, Cara Jo 1 9:00AM

Roginson, Gregory Ronald 1 2:00PM

Ross, Tamara Lee 1 9:00AM

Ross, Tamara Lee 1 2:00PM

Ross-Miller, Dunduli Malik, Mr 1 9:00AM

Ross-Miller, Dunduli Malik, Mr 3 10:00AM

Sabin, Clifford Andrew 1 9:00AM

Sattler, Tyron Bruce 1 2:00PM

Saunders, Clifford Andrew Toby 3 10:00AM

Saunders, Clifford Andrew Toby 1 9:00AM

Selwood, Troy Mark 1 9:00AM

Sleeman, Christopher Wayne 1 2:00PM

Sleeman, Christopher Wayne 1 8:30AM

Smith, Tamara Ann 1 9:00AM

Sondergeld, Dewi Joe, Mr 1 9:00AM

Southwell, Kayla Maree Margaret 1 9:00AM

Symonds, Joshua Peter, Mr 1 9:00AM

Tanti, Daniel Paul 1 9:00AM

Tranby, Dorothy Beryl Grace 1 9:00AM

Tranby, Selwyn Dale 1 9:00AM

Turnbull, Mitchell 1 2:00PM

Underwood, Peter Leonard, Mr 1 2:00PM

Walker, Cassie-Jo 1 9:00AM

Walker, Cassie-Jo, Miss 1 9:00AM

Weazel, Latasha Anne, Miss 1 2:00PM

White, Richard Jason, Mr 1 2:00PM

Whittington, Lyneeka Raylee, Miss 3 10:00AM

Williams, Dianne Sandra Lee, Miss 1 2:00PM

Wurzbacher, Chantelle Simone 1 2:00PM

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