Rockhampton Courthouse. generic
Rockhampton Courthouse. generic

COURT: People facing Rockhampton Magistrates Court today

EACH day any number of people appear in Rockhampton courts on a range of different charges.

Here is the list of 31 people appearing in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today, Wednesday January 22.

Accoom, Richard Colin, room 1, 2:00PM

Ah Sam, Ronald Frederick, room 1, 2:00PM

Arnold, Chloe Jane, room 1, 8:30AM

Baira, Nathan Ryan Robert Paul, room 3, 2:00PM

Bennett, Nathan John, room 2, 9:00AM

Boyd, Tony Robert Luke, room 1, 2:00PM

Boyer, Joseph Vincent, room 1, 9:00AM

Bradshaw, Joshua Adam, Mr, room 1, 2:00PM

Brown, John Lionel Edward, room 3, 9:00AM

Brown, Lauchlan Alexander, room 1, 2:00PM

Brown, Ralph Livingston, Mr 3 2:00PM

Conlon, Caszuo Wesley Selwyn Dennis, room 1, 9:00AM

Conlon, Dakota Minyin Robin, room 1, 8:30AM

Conlon, Dakota Minyin Robin, room 3, 9:00AM

Conway, Mark Frederick Thesel, Mr 3 9:00AM

Corbett, James-Michael Glenn, room 2, 9:00AM

Dodt, Sean Bradley Lee, room 1, 9:00AM

Donaldson, Joshua David, Mr, room 1, 2:00PM

Doyle, Clarissa Colleen, room 1, 9:00AM

Flanders, Virginia Beverley Lee, room 1, 9:00AM

Fleming, Glenn Robert, room 1, 2:00PM

Flemming, Glenn Robert, room 1, 2:00PM

Geiger, Nathan John, Mr, room 1, 2:00PM

Gleeson, Reece James, room 1, 9:00AM

Godbee, Tracey Lee, Miss, room 1, 2:00PM

Gooda, Judith Linda, room 1, 2:00PM

Gray, Maxwell Edward, room 3, 2:00PM

Hallen, Scott Andrew, room 1, 2:00PM

Hansen, Joshua Warren, room 1, 2:00PM

Hay, Sandra Gail, room 1, 2:00PM

Healy, Nicholas Adam 1 9:00AM

Healy, Nicholas Adam, Mr, room 1, 9:00AM

Healy, Nicholas Adam, Mr, room 1, 8:30AM

Hill, Eddie, room 3, 9:00AM

Hinga, Karen Michalle, Mrs, room 1, 2:00PM

Horo, Te Ariki, room 1, 9:00AM

Huff, Cameron Troy, room 1, 2:00PM

Hurley, Steven John, room 1, 8:30AM

Ireland, Jayde Elizabeth, Miss, room 1, 9:00AM

Jabboury, Ken Anthony, room 1, 8:30AM

Jasperson, Cameron Troy, Mr 1 8:30AM

Jealous, Travis Ian, room 1, 9:00AM

Jewell, Daniel Terry, room 1, 2:00PM

Johnson, Keith William, room 1, 2:00PM

Kassulke, Steven John Andrew, Mr, room 1, 9:00AM

Kemp, Koddie-Jancg Tori, Ms, room 1, 8:30AM

Kielly, Niouoolya Kooronyu Kami, room 1, 8:30AM

Kris, Richard Peter, Mr, room 1, 2:00PM

Lawton, Montel Thomas, room 1, 2:00PM

Leahy, Sarah-Grace May, Miss, room 1, 9:00AM

Leech, Daniel, room 1, 8:30AM

Leech, Daniel, room 1, 9:00AM

Lister, David Shaquille, room 3, 9:00AM

Lovegrove, Matthew Stephen, room 1, 9:00AM

Lynch, David Andrew, room 1, 9:00AM

Many, Neil Alfred, Mr, room 1, 2:00PM

Masso, Shyhne Elaine, room 1, 8:30AM

Mcmahon, Liam Thomas, room 1, 2:00PM

Mimi, Eugene Edward, Mr, room 1, 9:00AM

Mimi, Eugene Edward, Mr, room 1, 8:30AM

Moyle, Kris John, room 1, 2:00PM

Mundraby, Johnson Alfred, room 1, 9:00AM

Newcombe, Brett John, room 1, 2:00PM

O'Halloran, Patrick Mark, room 1, 2:00PM

Pakleppa, Kathryn Lee, Mrs, room 1, 2:00PM

Petith, Simon Joseph, room 1, 2:00PM

Potbury, David Paul, room 1, 2:00PM

Povey, Navajo Nikora, room 1, 2:00PM

Purcell, Dylan-Lee, Mr, room 1, 2:00PM

Rankin, Alex James, room 1, 9:00AM

Reynolds, Keith Robert, room 1, 9:00AM

Richards, Luke Jeffrey, room 1, 2:00PM

Ross-Miller, Dunduli Malik, Mr, room 3, 9:00AM

Ross-Miller, Dunduli Malik, Mr, room 1, 9:00AM

Rumpf, Michael James, room 1, 2:00PM

Ryan, Wayne Michael, room 1, 2:00PM

Rybarczyk, Bert Erich, room 1, 2:00PM

Saunders, Clifford Andrew Toby, room 3, 9:00AM

Saunders, Tristan Lindsay, room 3, 9:00AM

Saunders, Tristian Lindsay, room 3, 9:00AM

Smith, Kim Doreen, room 3, 9:00AM

Smith, Sasha Leigh, room 1, 8:30AM

Starikov, Corey James Russell, room 1, 8:30AM

Steinberger, Cloe Maree, room 1, 9:00AM

Stephenson, Rikki-Lee, Miss, room 1, 9:00AM

Story, Philip John, room 1, 2:00PM

Swadling, George Joseph Thomas, room 1, 2:00PM

Taylor, Ross Edward, room 1, 8:30AM

Tiaaleaiga, Lui Matalio Dylan, room 1, 2:00PM

Towner, Zachary James, Mr, room 1, 9:00AM

Turnbull, Mitchell, room 1, 2:00PM

Turner, Nicholas John, room 3, 1:00PM

Turner, Norton John, room 1, 2:00PM

Van Den Hoek, Kaz Hubutus, Mr, room 1, 2:00PM

Weazel, Cory James, room 1, 9:00AM

White, Noel Benjamin, Mr, room 1, 9:00AM

Whittington, Lyneeka Raylee, Miss, room 3, 9:00AM

Whittington, Lyneeka Raylee, Miss, room 1, 9:00AM

Wilkinson, Casey, room 1, 9:00AM

Williams, Scott Robert, Mr, room 1, 2:00PM

Wilson, Anthony Ronald, room 1, 2:00PM

Wovat, Ashley Lawrence, Mr, room 1, 9:00AM

Yates, Sarah Jane, room 1, 8:30AM

Yates, Sarah Jane, room 1, 2:00PM

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