Rockhampton Courthouse. generic
Rockhampton Courthouse. generic

COURT: 45 people in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today

EACH day any number of people appear in Rockhampton courts on a range of different charges.

Here is the list of people appearing in Rockhampton Magistrate Courts today, Thursday February 20.

(Key: Name – Courtroom – Time Appearing)

Baker, Jason Christopher 3 9:00AM

Boelens, Trudie Ann, Miss 3 9:00AM

Brown, Malcolm Brian William 3 9:00AM

Callaghan, Brian Michael, Mr 3 9:00AM

Cappie, Mitchell Dean 3 9:00AM

Carey, Nicholas Blaine 1 9:00AM

Carney, Norghton Alexander, Mr 3 9:00AM

Casado, Maria Florence 3 9:00AM

Chellingsworth, Dale Douglas Joseph 3 2:00PM

Chong, Tyler Jack, Mr 3 9:00AM

Collins, Matthew Philip, Mr 3 9:00AM

Dobson, Richard James 3 9:00AM

Dougan, Layne Andrew 1 9:00AM

Dougan, Layne Andrew 3 9:00AM

Doyle, Martin James 3 9:00AM

Eliott, Lance William, Mr 3 9:00AM

Eliott, Melissa Ann, Mrs 3 9:00AM

Freeman, Leslie Brian 3 9:00AM

Gower, Taela-Rose Kim 3 9:00AM

Graham, Beau Anthony 1 8:30AM

Hallen, Scott Andrew 3 2:00PM

Holt, Murrin-Jalee 3 9:00AM

Inkerman, Gavin John Henry 3 2:00PM

Jones, Luke Alan, Mr 3 2:00PM

Kissell, Aden John 3 2:00PM

Laracy, Tiarne Ashton, Miss 3 9:00AM

Ludlow, Dylan Andrew 1 8:30AM

Mcinerney, Patrick John 3 2:00PM

Metzroth, Ryan Martin 3 2:00PM

Mooney, Lauren Tenneal 3 9:00AM

Oakley, Andrew Peter Cameron 3 9:00AM

Perkins, Sarah Lee, Miss 2 9:00AM

Proctor, Terrie-Lee L, Ms 3 9:00AM

Ramm, Adam Clifford 3 9:00AM

Roberts, Daniel John 3 9:00AM

Sabin, Clifford Andrew 3 9:00AM

Smith, Daniel Fredrick 3 9:00AM

Smithson, Krystal Donna, Miss 3 9:00AM

Spells, Noah Christian 3 9:00AM

Suhr, Zachery Lewis, Mr 3 2:00PM

Tiers, Lyle Morris 3 2:00PM

Trusz, Tamika Jane, Miss 3 9:00AM

Weldon, Michael Anthony, Mr 2 9:00AM

Yow Yeh, Leon Shane, Mr 3 2:00PM

Zackeresen, Robert James, Mr 3 9:00AM

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