Rockhampton Magistrates Court.
Rockhampton Magistrates Court. Chris Ison ROK270716ccourt2

COURT: 49 people facing Rockhampton and Yeppoon courts today

EACH day a number of people appear at Rockhampton courts, on a range of different charges.

Here is a list of the 24 people appearing in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today.

Brown, Kenneth Maxwell Glen, room 3, 9AM

Bryant, Jeffrey James, Mr, room 3, 9AM

Chellingsworth, Dale Douglas Joseph, room 3, 9AM

Cornick, Jesse Cameron, room 3, 9AM

Darken, Elven Clive, room 3, 9AM

Dixon, Jacob Daniel, Mr, room 3, 9AM

Donoghue, Kody Allen, room 3, 9AM

Elliott, Anthony Paul, room 3, 9AM

Franks, Morgan Daniel Hamilton, room 3, 9AM

Girdler, Ronald Trent, room 3, 2PM

Hixon, Kylie-Jo, room 3, 9AM

Hughes, Sonia Ann, Miss, room 3, 9AM

Kennedy, Adam John, room 3, 9AM

Little, Shaun Michael, room 3, 9AM

Malcolm, Tammy Lee, room 3, 9AM

Miller, Cecil Benjamin, room 3, 9AM

Morgan, Zachiery Jack, room 3, 9AM

Oakley, Laureal Janette, room 1, 8.30AM

Oram, Matthew Reece Triad, room 3, 9AM

Orchard, Justin Leigh, room 3, 2PM

Prins, Ricky Shane, room 3, 2PM

Rowland, Amy Myrtle, room 3, 9AM

White, Richard Jason, Mr, room 3, 9AM

Womal, Patsy Ann, room 3, 9AM

Here is a list of the 25 people appearing in Yeppoon Magistrates Court today.

Babington, Cooper Blake, room 1, 9AM

Carter, Bradley George, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Carter, Bradley George, Mr, room 1, 8.30AM

Chatburn, Andrew, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Cuthbert, Simone Elizabeth, Miss, room 1, 9AM

Dowling, Geoffrey Jacob, room 1, 9AM

Faragher, Robert John, room 1, 9AM

Goodman, Craig Steven, room 1, 9AM

Green, Natasha Louise, room 1, 9AM

Hawke, Melanie Prudence Jean, room 1, 9AM

Haydock, Matthew Isaac, room 1, 8.30AM

Horton, Trent John, room 1, 9AM

Jaques, Riley Lindsay, room 1, 9AM

Kiriona, Mose James, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Lawson, Karma Jane, Mrs, room 1, 8.30AM

Miller, Daniel Robert, room 1, 8.30AM

Mooney, Clinton Adam, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Neuss, Paul, room 1, 10.30AM

Newton, Thomas Henry Ernest, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Page, Russell John, room 1, 9AM

Sansom, Daryl William, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Schoenacher, Victor, room 1, 9AM

Sopeer, Adrian Russell, room 1, 9AM

Sutton, Nicholas James, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Welsh, Theresa Ann, room 1, 9AM

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