Rockhampton Magistrates Court.
Rockhampton Magistrates Court. Chris Ison ROK270716ccourt2

COURT: 50 people facing Rockhampton and Yeppoon court today

EACH day a number of people appear at Rockhampton courts, on a range of different charges.

Here is a list of the 31 people appearing in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today.

Baker, Paul William, room 3, 9AM

Barnes, Sasha Lee, Ms, room 3, 9AM

Belbin, Conan John, Mr, room 3, 2PM

Bhangu, Kulwant Singh, room 2, 9AM

Blackman, Alanna Rose, room 3, 9AM

Bryant, Jeffrey James, Mr, room 3, 9AM

Burns, Rohan Edward, Mr, room 3, 9AM

Cooke, Collin John, room 3, 9AM

Drabsch, Leonie Faith, Miss, room 3, 9AM

Flower, Mark Cecil, Mr, room 3, 2PM

Gooda, Judith Linda, room 3, 9AM

Harvey, Jamie Victor, Mr, room 3, 9AM

Hixon, Kylie-Jo, room 3, 9AM

Hutchen, Jodie Louise, Miss, room 3, 9AM

Jones, Brent Nathan, Mr, room 3, 2PM

Kielly, Rhede Anthony, room 1, 8.30AM

Lynch, Jason Wayne, Mr, room 3, 2PM

Mapes, Alexander Richard, 3, 9AM

Mason, Kenna Maree, room 3, 9AM

Mcleod, William James, room 3, 9AM

Mitchell, Robert John, room 3, 9AM

Murray, Brendan Jole, room 3, 2PM

Oakley, Andrew Peter Cameron, room 3, 2PM

O'Keeffe, Clayton Tate, Mr, room 3, 2PM

Pearson, Jacinta Maree, Miss, room 3, 9AM

Prins, Ricky Shane, room 3, 2PM

Rankin, Philip Malik, Mr, room 3, 9AM

Richardson, Corie Lee, room 3, 9AM

Stacpoole, Darrel John, room 3, 9AM

Thomson, Nathan Lawrence, room 2, 9AM

Wesser, Rhys Joseph, room 3, 9AM

Here is a list of the 19 people appearing in Yeppoon Magistrates Court today.

Beattie, Debra, Miss, room 1, 9AM

Boon, Sean Alan, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Butt, Russell David, room 1, 8.30AM

Cloughessy, Kyle Bradley, room 1, 9AM

Dingley, Craig Douglas, room 1, 9AM

Doak, Ronald Graham, room 1, 9AM

Everingham, Trevor Raymond, room 1, 9AM

Fairburn, Isaac Tyler, room 1, 9AM

Freeman, Phyllis Maria, Miss, room 1, 9AM

Green, Emma Isabel, room 1, 9AM

Hawke, Morgan Lee, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Iosefa, Simi Masada, room 1, 9AM

Kiriona, Mose James, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Lowden, Jamie-Lee Taylor, Miss, room 1, 9AM

Martinez, Javier Leon, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Miller, Harley Darren, room 1, 9AM

Minton, Owen James, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Welsh, Theresa Ann, room 1, 9AM

Wetzler, Connor Barry Maxwell, room 1, 9AM

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