Rockhampton Courthouse.
Rockhampton Courthouse.

COURT: 89 people facing Rockhampton Magistrates Court today

EACH day any number of people appear in Rockhampton courts on a range of different charges.

Here is the list of 89 people appearing in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today, Wednesday July 8.

Accoom, Richard Colin 1 2:00PM

Adidi, Walter Leo George 1 9:00AM

Anderson, Che-Leon Christopher 1 9:00AM

Anderson, Travis Roy 3 10:00AM

Baker, Leonard George 1 2:00PM

Bean, Kailyen Jayde 1 9:00AM

Bean, Kailyn Jade 1 9:00AM

Bickey, Angus Dwain 1 9:00AM

Black, Zeke Dylan 1 9:00AM

Bloxsom, Brody James, Mr 1 9:00AM

Boyd, Tony Robert Luke 1 2:00PM

Brigg, Vernon Keith 1 9:00AM

Brown, Lauchlan Alexander 3 10:30AM

Burst, Graham Peter 1 9:00AM

Burton, Lian Dorrelle, Ms 1 9:00AM

Carll, Patrick Oliver 1 8:30AM

Carll, Patrick Oliver 1 9:00AM

Casey, Mark William, Mr 3 10:30AM

Clarke, Brandon Ronald Nicholas 1 9:00AM

Collett, Ronald 1 2:00PM

Collett, Ronald Y, Mr 1 2:00PM

Conlon, Tamara Hope 1 8:30AM

Conway, Levi Soloman, Mr 1 9:00AM

Creek, Stephen Alan 1 2:00PM

Darkin, Ezekial Dion, Mr 1 9:00AM

Davis, Benjamin Lee, Mr 1 2:00PM

Dempsey, Azure Shanai 1 9:00AM

Donnellan, Christopher Lee 1 9:00AM

Ferguson, Kerrod Neil 1 2:00PM

Flenady, Chloe Alyce 1 9:00AM

Gertz, Merlin Nikolaus 1 9:00AM

Gertz, Merlin Nikolaus 1 8:30AM

Gooda, Steven Dean 1 9:00AM

Graham, Beau Anthony 1 2:00PM

Grant, Garth Phillip, Mr 1 2:00PM

Harbord, Jeffrey Robert 3 10:00AM

Henry, Bevan Wayne 1 9:00AM

Hong, Anthony Ronald 1 9:00AM

Jones, Nathan Charles, Mr 1 9:00AM

Kanak, Joshua James Carrier, Mr 1 9:00AM

Ketchup, Paul James Rodney 1 2:00PM

King, Cameron Dwayne 1 2:00PM

Lawton, Nathan Wayne, Mr 1 9:00AM

Ludlow, Dylan Andrew 1 2:00PM

Machno, Eli 1 2:00PM

Manfred, Codie William 3 10:30AM

Manuel, O’Dell Robert 1 8:30AM

Many, Neil Alfred, Mr 1 2:00PM

Martin, Catherine Robyn 1 9:00AM

Martin, Earl James 1 2:00PM

Masters, Leon Troy 1 8:30AM

Mcconnell, Jarrad Michael, Mr 1 9:00AM

Mcloughlin, Katie Louise, Ms 1 9:00AM

Millar, Michael John 1 2:00PM

Miller, Ivan James, Mr 1 2:00PM

Mooney, Drew Anthony Peter J 1 9:00AM

Moss, Timothy James, Mr 1 2:00PM

Murray, Tenneil Elizabeth Anita 1 8:30AM

Newell, Fiona Kay 1 8:30AM

O’Dell, Manuel Robert 1 9:00AM

O’Halloran, Patrick Mark 1 2:00PM

Owens, Naarri Bertha 1 8:30AM

Parker, Pamela Kathleen 1 2:00PM

Porteous, Rebecca Anne, Miss 1 2:00PM

Purcell, Dylan-Lee, Mr 1 9:00AM

Quartermaine, Larry Damien 1 9:00AM

Rankin, Jaydan Joseph 1 2:00PM

Rawsthorne, Bryce Aidan, Mr 1 2:00PM

Rawsthorne, Christopher James 1 2:00PM

Ricks, Marcus Scott 1 2:00PM

Ricks, Marcus Scott 1 9:00AM

Row Row, Ann-Maree Monica 1 2:00PM

Royes, Keith Stephen 1 8:30AM

Sansom, Ramana Louise 1 9:00AM

Saunders, Tristian Lindsay 1 9:00AM

Schlapfer, Michael David 1 2:00PM

Scott, June Margarett 1 2:00PM

Singleton, Danielle Lee 1 9:00AM

Smith, Anita 1 2:00PM

Solomon, Matthew Rex Moses 1 9:00AM

Stainkey, Jamie Steven 1 9:00AM

Sutherland, Michael Jason, Mr 1 9:00AM

Tjerkstra, Pieter Garth, Mr 1 9:00AM

Von Senden, Clinton Ray, Mr 1 9:00AM

Wanstall, Trevor 1 9:00AM

Weldon, Shaun Craig 1 9:00AM

Wilson, Kerry Anne, Mrs 1 9:00AM

Winzer, Hannah Jane 1 2:00PM

Wovat, Aaron Jamahl 1 2:00PM

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