COURT LIST: See who's due before the Rocky Magistrates today

ROCKHAMPTON Magistrates Court will begin today from 8.30am.

See yesterday's list here.

See the full list in order of name, room and time.

Anderson, Ethan Shannon 3 9:00AM

Andrews, Charmaine Louise 3 9:00AM

Barry, Courtney Taylor Lee, Miss 3 9:00AM

Bowden, Luke Ian Stanley 3 9:00AM

Brigg, Vernon Keith 3 9:00AM

Broome, Shaquille Jerome 3 9:00AM

Burst, Graham Peter 3 9:00AM

Butler, Kolbe James Langley, Mr 3 9:00AM

Byrne, Larinda Alita-Shylee 3 9:00AM

Carlton, Nicholas John 3 9:00AM

Copland, Shona 3 9:00AM

Costello, Michelle Ann 3 9:00AM

Cox, Laurie Geoffrey Charles 3 9:00AM

Dodd-Brown, Natalijah Beverley Louise 3 9:00AM

Eastwood, Shakira Ann 3 9:00AM

Felthouse, Jason Ryan 3 9:00AM

Ferguson, Kerrod Neil 1 9:00AM

Ferguson, Kerrod Neil 3 9:00AM

Fielder, Tina Maree, Miss 3 9:00AM

Finlay, Astin George 3 9:00AM

Godfrey, Daniel James 3 9:00AM

Godfrey, Daniel James 3 2:00PM

Gowa, Morrail Barbara Felcia 3 9:00AM

Grainger, Bradley Scott, Mr 3 9:00AM

Harris, Thomas Henry 1 8:30AM

Henry, Bevan Wayne 1 9:00AM

Horsfall, Andrew William, Mr 3 9:00AM

Hutchinson, Anthony John 3 2:00PM

James, Raymond Scott, Mr 3 2:00PM

Jealous, Travis Ian 4 9:00AM

Johnston, Warren Jon Carlton, Mr 3 9:00AM

Kenny, David John 3 9:00AM

Kiro, Robert John, Mr 4 9:00AM

Leppien, Hayley Anne, Mrs 3 9:00AM

Lister, Jayden Charles 3 9:00AM

Lynch, Sheldon James 3 9:00AM

Manuel, O'Dell Robert 3 9:00AM

Martin, Earl James 3 9:00AM

Michael, Khloe Marie 3 9:00AM

Miller, Christopher Lloyd, Mr 3 2:00PM

Moran, Cody Ray, Mr 3 9:00AM

Nitz, Hayden John 3 2:00PM

Nitz, Hayden John 3 9:00AM

O'Brien, Jessica Lee 3 9:00AM

Offord, Emma-Louise 3 9:00AM

Offord, William Bennett 3 9:00AM

O'Mara, Don-Geoffery Wylie, Mr 3 9:00AM

Orchard, Beau Jacob 3 9:00AM

Passfield, Bethanie Leigh, Mrs 3 9:00AM

Pennell, Christopher Allan 3 9:00AM

Porter, Leigh, Ms 1 8:30AM

Rankin, Trevor Sheldon 3 9:00AM

Ryan, Zyesha Ashton Jay 3 9:00AM

Saunderson, Vicky Anne 3 9:00AM

Schlapfer, Michael David 3 9:00AM

Silveri, Michael Paolo 3 2:00PM

Smith, Russell Allan 3 9:00AM

Titmus, Jason Luke Leo 3 9:00AM

Warner, Zacchus Norman 3 2:00PM

Webster, Rachael-Ann 3 9:00AM

Wellman, Jason Lloyd 3 9:00AM

West, Shaun Michael 3 2:00PM

Westphal, Ed 3 2:00PM

Williams, Renee Louise 3 9:00AM



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