COURT: See who’s appearing in Rockhampton today

EACH day a number of people appear in Rockhampton courts, on a range of different charges.

Here is a list of the 44 people appearing in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today.

Adidi, Grahame 3 9:00AM

Bailey, Byron Leslie, Mr 3 9:00AM

Barnes, Sasha Lee, Ms 3 9:00AM

Barrett, Liam Connor 3 9:00AM

Bauer, Robert Kenneth 3 9:00AM

Bennett, Nathan John 3 9:00AM

Black, Kenneth Barnard, Mr 3 9:00AM

Brooks, Britt Louise, Miss 3 9:00AM

Burke, Beau Thomas Andrew 3 2:00PM

Burnett, Georgia Ann 3 2:00PM

Burns, Rohan Edward, Mr 2 9:00AM

Cuffe, Troy Anthony 3 9:00AM

Darken, Elven Clive 3 9:00AM

Egretz, Kevin Ellis 3 2:00PM

Fentiman, Peter Frank William, Mr 3 2:00PM

Garner, Tammy Marisa 2 9:00AM

Hixon, Gregory Robert 3 9:00AM

Hixon, Gregory Robert 1 8:30AM

Kemp, Clifford John 3 9:00AM

Lynch, Jason Wayne, Mr 1 9:00AM

Mcmullen, Sarah Louise 3 9:00AM

Mills, Benjamin Paguira, Mr 3 9:00AM

Mimi, Keripo Daniel, Mr 2 9:00AM

Nascimento, Eric Marcio 3 9:00AM

O’Donohue, Caleb Kye 3 9:00AM

O’Toole, Andrew Thomas, Mr 3 9:00AM

Pattenden, James Robert 3 2:00PM

Quinn, Amy Marie 3 2:00PM

Rawlings, Jason Ronald, Mr 3 9:00AM

Riley, Dylan John 3 9:00AM

Robinson, Hayley Louise, Miss 3 9:00AM

Russell, Steven Mark 3 9:00AM

Ryan, Jason Robert, Mr 3 2:00PM

Strahan, Malcolm William 1 8:30AM

Swaffield, Jason Roy 3 9:00AM

Taiters, Evania Joy 3 9:00AM

Thompson, Jeffrey John 3 9:00AM

Turnbull, Mitchell 3 2:00PM

Turner, Norton John 3 9:00AM

Tyndall, Graeme John 3 9:00AM

Von Senden, Clinton Ray, Mr 3 9:00AM

Watkin, Cameron William, Mr 3 9:00AM

White, Terry Royce 3 9:00AM

Womal, Patsy Ann 3 9:00AM

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