GRATEFUL: Owner of Gelatissimo Rockhampton David Lim.
GRATEFUL: Owner of Gelatissimo Rockhampton David Lim. Chris Ison ROK220218cgelato2

CQ business owner’s sweet gesture for emergency workers

DURING this difficult time for many local industries, one Rockhampton business owner has transformed his tough slog into a heartwarming gesture.

Sadly, owner of Gelatissimo Rockhampton, David Lim, yesterday served up one last scoop of his award-winning gelato for the foreseeable future.

The ice creamery, named 2019's Store of the Year at last year's Gelatissimo Franchisee Forum, will close for now as businesses throughout the region feel the economic fallout of coronavirus.

Though disappointed, Mr Lim said the store's closure would allow him to focus on supporting his wider community - starting with those on the frontline.

Mr Lim will attend Rockhampton Base Hospital today with 100 servings of free take-home gelato for shift workers as his own personal thanks.

"In this time, the pandemic, our doctors and nurses are the ones tirelessly working around the clock for us," he said.

"I think they're physically and mentally tired from everything they're doing.

"We want to do as much as possible for the area, but we really want to show our gratitude to those doing really hard work.

"We can use this time to encourage a little positivity."

It is not the first time the Rockhampton local has used his gelato to show his gratitude, having delivered treats to the hospital on Christmas Day over the years.

"I like to call it a scoop of happiness, even during this negative time," he said.

"If our gelato can encourage them and put a smile on their faces, then that's what I'll do."

Rockhampton's Guzman y Gomez has also joined the mission and will serve 50 burritos to emergency workers for lunch today.

With Gelatissimo shutting temporarily, Mr Lim will also look to donate all leftover gelato to the hospital in a bid to raise spirits.

Mr Lim hopes other businesses will join him in showing their gratitude for not only Base Hospital, but also other hospitals that deserve to be recognised.

For now, he is uncertain about when the store will re-open, however remains hopeful government assistance will help mitigate costly overheads.

"We hope to re-open as early as possible. The tricky part is rent payments for small businesses. We need support from the government, so hopefully all small businesses in Rockhampton can open their doors again."

Mr Lim next plans to extend his generosity to individuals forced to wait in timely Centrelink queues as they seek government support.

"I was so inspired by the news of the man handing out $100 the other week that I'm organising one more hand-out for people at Centrelink, if I get permission."

"It's such a long time those people are waiting, so if I can help lighten their mood just a little bit that would be great."

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