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CQ caught in double political crossfire: Opinion

I DON'T think you could get a better example of a community being caught in political crossfire.

It's actually a double whammy event consisting of the at-risk $1b NAIF loan for the Adani rail line and the bizarre Rookwood Weir stand-off between the federal and state governments.

By dealing in political brinkmanship, the federal and state governments are playing political roulette at our cost.

It almost looks like a staring contest across the Queensland border as each side waits for the other to blink first.

This is purely selfish behaviour from these parties as they use our key projects for their own political gains.

We should have been cracking champagne a few weeks ago for the approval of the $260m Rookwood Weir, but instead we end up in a shambolic situation where the state says it's waiting for a letter from the Prime Minister's office and the PM's office says it won't send a letter to a caretaker Queensland government.

This is all over the need to clarify the non-existence of a phantom $130m in extra federal funding that, if it had existed, would have fully funded the $260m weir project at Gogango.

As well as that, we have Queensland Labor putting the Adani project (and 1700 jobs for Rockhampton) at risk because the Premier is desperate to shore up green votes.

Just imagine what we could achieve if these two parties, entrusted by the people to represent them in the best interests of the community, could cast aside the heavy baggage of political prejudice and actually work for us.

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