CQ coal mine fined $2000

A CENTRAL Queensland mine has been fined $2000 and three others warned for breaching their water discharge compliance regulations.

Meanwhile, the Department of Environment and Resource Management is also assessing four further compliance matters at mines that discharge into the Fitzroy River catchment.

Two of these matters occurred in late March.

In its weekly community newsletter on the Fitzroy Basin's water quality, the department said it had fined Queensland Coal $2000 after an unintentional slow release of mine-affected water from February 1-11, which was caused by a release valve remaining partially open at Clermont Mine.

Management at Ensham Mine was issued a warning and requested to review its pump start-up procedures after exceeding total suspended solids into the system.

BHP Billiton was also warned for a minor incident after repairs on a release valve pipe leaked water for 20 minutes into a discharge channel at Gregory Crinum mine.

And BHP Coal was warned for two minor issues at Goonyella Riverside that occurred in the same release.

Compliance matters are being investigated at Peak Downs, German Creek, Cook and Callide mines.

The Cook and Callide mine matters occurred for releases on March 21 and 22 respectively and involved potential exceeding electrical conductivity limits.

Between March 22 and 28, 24 mines made 37 separate release events into the catchment.

The department says low salinity levels are expected in the lower Fitzroy River for the next six to eight weeks because of high flows.

The uS/cm level in the river at the Gap last week was in the mid 300s.

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