YEPPOON resident Brian Dorey has labelled Telstra's service as "diabolical".   

A well-known community figure on the Capricorn Coast, Mr Dorey has written a letter to the editor describing his experience with the service provider juggernaut after trying to arrange for his internet to be connected after moving house recently.  

He says he is only 500m from his previous home, and was informed by Telstra  customer service team via letter that his new address would be reconnected by November 21.  

But in that time Mr Dorey said not only has he not been reconnected, but "duckshoved" over about 12 different phone calls to the company.  

"I have been a customer of Telstra and formerly Telecom for over 50 years," Mr Dorey's letter read.  

"I have experienced the worst snag in inefficient service and misleading advice over non-connection of ADSL broadband internet from my previous residence ... and in the same exchange."  

"Telstra is non-compliant with my ADSL bundle contract for supply and has failed to reconnect my internet for two weeks, despite confirming by letter dated 04/11/16 that it would be connected by 21/11/16.  

"I have been duckshoved over numerous calls to be told it will be fixed in 24 hours, 48 hours or next week, or that an ADSL port is not available.  

"The process of this Telstra management is appallingly hopeless, misleading and incompetent."  

Mr Dorey said he had also lodged a complaint with the Telecommunications ombudsman.  

"No wonder our country is struggling economically when this kind of diabolical service is delivered by one of the largest corporate bodies in the nation," his letter finished with.  

The Morning Bulletin reported on the issue of Livingstone's internet struggles in November 2014, when Mayor Bill Ludwig called for a better connection speed as the region's population grew.   

A Telstra spokesperson said last week although Mr Dorey had only moved a short distance from his previous home with internet connection, it seems that his new address was in a small area that can't connect.  

They said the area in question was probably one street that's been affected, rather than a widespread problem.  

"The letter sent to Mr Dorey indicating a 21 November connection was issued on the basis a port would be available, however it was later identified this was not the case," the spokesperson said.   

"Unfortunately the infrastructure in the area in question is at capacity and there are no ports currently available for Mr Dorey's new address.   

"The availability of ADSL ports on our network changes over time with both demand and with upgrades to the network.   

"We're seeing what we can do there and work through a few options for him," the spokesperson added on Friday.

 "We're hoping to look after him and tie him over until the NBN is delivered to the area in about March 2017. We apologise to Mr Dorey for the inconvenience and we are exploring potential solutions for him."  

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