CQ in thunderstorm firing line: Don't get caught out

BOM is warning Rocky residents to prepare for heavy rain this weekend.
BOM is warning Rocky residents to prepare for heavy rain this weekend. Adam Wratten

THE Bureau of Meteorology is warning Central Queensland to prepare for up to 50 mm of rainfall on Saturday.

Forecaster Richard Wardle told the Morning Bulletin today that Rockhampton is in the firing line for a thunderstorm drenching this weekend.

While not prepared to speculate on next week's rainfall, other weather agencies are tipping for heavier falls to continue.

The WeatherZone site says Rockhampton has a 90% chance of a combined 25 to 50 mm of rainfall on Monday and Tuesday.

The rain is set to bring an end to Rocky's dry spell.

It will be a cloudy day today as a surface trough moves from the south-east upwards into the central-west.

Tomorrow, there is an increase in shower activity for the region with a chance of one or two millimetres of rainfall.

This will increase on Friday to approximately five millimetres of rain, and into the weekend, with roughly 20 to 50 millimetres.

A thunderstorm is also expected to hit Saturday afternoon and continue into the evening.

"We could see some locally heavy falls there during the course of Saturday," said the Bureau of Meteorology's weather services manager, Richard Wardle.

"We expect that shower and storm activity to continue into Sunday and the early part of next week."

The troughs will bring the wet weather to Rockhampton, down to the northern Sunshine Coast and as far inland as Longreach and Blackall.

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