NOT ON: Violence against women in society is unacceptable and discouraged by harsh legal penalties.
NOT ON: Violence against women in society is unacceptable and discouraged by harsh legal penalties. g-stockstudio

CQ man bashes three women during violent drunken rampage

A MAN has been hit hard by the hammer of justice in response to his drunken violent rampage through the dry community of Woorabinda when he savagely assaulted three women.

Kenneth James Brown, 24, appeared solemn in the sober light of day in Rockhampton District Court last Tuesday, answering to his serious crimes.

Brown pleaded guilty to one charge of assault occasioning bodily harm, one charge of assault occasioning bodily harm while armed, one count of grievous bodily harm and one charge of contravening a domestic violence order.

Going through the list of these charges, Crown prosecutor Megan Jones said the maximum jail time for each crime was seven years, 10 years, 14 years and five years respectively.

Ms Jones tendered Brown's four-page criminal history noting there were minor infringements leading up to him assaulting his then partner in 2014 by punching her and smashing her head into a wall.

He received a suspended sentence then breached his probation order after two months by drunkenly beating his then-partner again.

Two weeks later he seriously assaulted multiple police officers by punching, kicking and spitting at them, resulting in a six-month prison sentence.

In the early hours of November 6, 2016, Ms Jones said Brown, who had been at a party, left with a woman to another address where he tried to take her alcohol.

When she refused and told him to leave her property, Brown punched her in the face.

"The defendant picked up an outdoor metal chair and smashed it over her head,” Ms Jones said.

While shouting obscenities, Brown hit the woman over the head again and she ran into the house to get away.

Ms Jones said Brown returned to the party and approached his estranged former partner, asking about their mutual child and trying to put his arms around her.

When she pushed him away and told him she didn't want to speak with him whilst he was drunk, Brown attacked her.

"In response, the defendant punched her to the left side of the face with a closed fist, she fell to the ground, the defendant then kicked her a number of times on the ground to the face,” Ms Jones said.

When a woman tried to intervene by punching Brown, "he punched her at least 10 times to the head and body”.

She fell to the ground where Brown kicked her while also continuing to kick his former partner before finally being pulled away by other guests.

Ms Jones said when police found Brown later that evening he told them he thought he had broken his foot after kicking someone in the head.

He received painkillers and a cast.

Brown denied assaulting the first woman but admitted to assaulting the two women at the party.

His former partner suffered serious head injuries and was taken to Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital for surgery, where she received titanium plates and screws to fix her jaw.

Ms Jones described Brown's offending as "alcohol-fuelled, protracted violence against three women” which included the aggravating factors of kicking two women on the ground, a previous conviction for crimes against the complainant and a complete disregard for previous court orders.

Defence barrister Ross LoMonaco said Brown had done good work in Woorabinda over the years and admitted Brown had problems with alcohol and anger management that he would need to work on.

Judge Michael Burnett described Brown's offending as "disturbing” given that it took place in a supposedly dry community and "unmanly” the way he attacked the women - particularly while they were on the ground.

"Your intoxication fuelling your fragile personality resulted in quite an angrier response than it ought to have, resulting in the commissioning of these very serious offences,” Mr Burnett said.

The judge noted Brown's criminal history with a predisposition to violence and his unsatisfactory compliance to community- based orders which limited his options in sentencing.

Mr Burnett took into account Brown's 10 months of pre-sentence custody and the outstanding matters yet to be dealt with by the court, by handing down a four-year jail sentence.

He said Brown would have to work hard to rehabilitate in prison if he wanted to be released on parole when he became eligible in February 2018.

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