CQ man busted drink driving twice in three months

A CENTRAL Queensland mine worker lost his job after a drink driving charge, and then he was busted three months later drink driving again, on his way home from his new job.

Robert Gareth Brandish, 45, pleaded guilty on July 7 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to two counts of drink driving and one of speeding.

Police prosecutor Casparus Schoeman said police observed Brandish speeding on Dawson Highway, driving towards Springsure, and intercepted him at 9.48am on February 26.

He said Brandish told police he was driving to Springsure from the Rolleston coal mining camp and had consumed six full strength beers between 7.15am-9.15am.

Brandish had a blood-alcohol content (BAC) reading of .103.

He was intercepted again on May 36 at 3pm on Emu Park Rd, heading towards Emu Park.

Mr Schoeman said Brandish told police he had some beers after work and was driving home.

He had a BAC of .095 this time.

Defence lawyer Clancy Robba said his client, who had worked in scaffolding and gas plant constructions in Gladstone and Western Australia, lost his job after the first drink drive charge.

He said Brandish picked up a new job where he stayed at his boss' house during the week and went home, 50kms away, for the weekends.

Mr Robba said his client was the sole income earner for the family with three children, as his wife has medical issues.

He said on the first drink driving occasion, Brandish had some drinks when he finished work the day before and was woken up on February 26 to the night shift staff drinking and asking him to join them.

Mr Robba said Brandish then drove to Springsure to run errands.

He said Brandish drove home on the second occasion after receiving a call from his wife asking for help.

He said when Brandish got his licence back, he would be required to have an interlock device in his car.

Brandish received $1600 in fines and was disqualified from driving for seven months. Traffic convictions were recorded.

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