HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Rockhampton Health Options' Peter Lewis has practised naturopathy for the past 35 years.
HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Rockhampton Health Options' Peter Lewis has practised naturopathy for the past 35 years. Tamara MacKenzie ROK060217tkrho1

CQ man's road to success after life threatening accident

PETER Lewis knocked on death's door about 40 years ago when he was involved in an industrial incident.

It happened when the Rockhampton man was a linesman for the Post Master General's Department in Brisbane, and worked on a tunnel under the the city's river.

His lung capacity collapsed to under a litre due to the poor air flow through the tunnel and he was told he had between three months to two years left to live.

Peter had always been interested in health, however he decided it was time to do something about his own after the incident.

The naturopath and medicinal herbalist said he had suffered asthma during his childhood and overcame it, taking up cricket, AFL and judo, which he practised for 20 years.

In an effort to change his life around, he visited farmers who claimed to have grown organic products but in fact, did not.

One day, Peter visited a farmer who had sprayed copper-based poison which almost killed him.

His health had already depleted from the incident in the tunnel and the exposure to the poison worsened his condition.

It was Peter's mentor, a naturopath Simon Schot who helped Peter recover and inspired him to take a similar path.

After eight years of full-time training in Brisbane, Peter has been in clinical practice for the past 35 years and treated 25,000 patients.

Peter moved to the Rockhampton region with his wife, Lyn 13 years ago and said they are here for the long hall.

They have since pledged their commitment to the area and "contribute meaningfully to the community” to provide certified organic products.

Peter and Lyn co-own Rockhampton Health Option which was recently given certified operation approval by the Australian Certified Organic Propriety Limited (ACO).

It is a significant achievement for Peter and Lyn, their business is the only certified organic retailer north of the Sunshine Coast.

Peter said it was a robust process to be granted the certification, and they will be accountable to ACO with making claims about organic products.

With over 500 certified organic products, Rockhampton Health Options has the largest range in Central Queensland.

Some of their certified organic products include, fruit, vegetables, dairy, flour, nuts, beans, juices, bread, dried fruit, eggs, oils, snacks, drinks, kitchen and laundry cleaning.

Certified organic products are produced naturally and do not contain banned additives or procedures.

He makes a diagnosis through traditional naturopathy and only sells medicines in liquid form as "tablets do not absorb as efficiently” and also specialises in nutrition and remedial massaging.

Peter said maintaining a healthy lifestyle was vital to one's quality of life.

He believes his passion for growing products stems from his great grandfather, Thomas Usher who was the only person to successfully germinate and grow an English oak tree east of the Great Dividing Range.

His farm was located where Daisy Hill is today.

You may have seen Peter's weekly healthcare columns which he has written in The Morning Bulletin for the past three years.

Rockhampton Health Options is located on 71 Main Street.

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