CQ school builds stronger career connections

BUILDING CONNECTIONS: The Cathedral Colleges Year 10 Communication to Careers Forum.
BUILDING CONNECTIONS: The Cathedral Colleges Year 10 Communication to Careers Forum. Contributed.

COMMUNICATION - the art of creating connections essential for employment and all life's endeavours was spotlighted at The Cathedral College's Year 10 "Communication to Careers” Forum held recently.

A large group of engaging and dedicated Rockhampton Employers met students in a rotating interview process to assist students to make informed decisions and to develop important life skills.

TCC Boarder Thomas Carige said he was impressed by the range of employment pathways and it definitely expanded his outlook.

"Employers shared their different career pathways with us. Some required university degrees and others needed their Senior certificate,”

"The insight was an eye-opener and invaluable for choosing my senior subjects later this year,” he said.

Student Tiffany Chapman said the highlight for her was the opportunity to develop communication skills with prospective employers.

"I really appreciated speaking with a range of employers. My confidence has grown and I am sure I will take this experience with me into the future,”

"On behalf of all TCC Year 10 students we would like to thank these Rockhampton employers who gave generously of their time for us. It was both interesting and invaluable,' she said.

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