CQ students worry for their futures after leaving school

YOUNG people of Central Queensland are worried about their futures once they leave school.

A survey conducted by Mission Australia showed Australians aged 15 to 19 were concerned that alcohol and drugs, the economy, financial matters and equity and discrimination would hinder their future plans after school.

In the Central Queensland area, more than half of the youth population felt there were barriers to overcome when trying to achieve their study and work goals.

The Mission Australia survey showed 59.4% of females and 49.3% of males felt they had obstacles stopping them from achieving their future goals.

Survey respondents living in the Central Queensland area believed the top three barriers which impacted the achievement of study and work goals after school were financial difficulty at 23.1%, lack of jobs at 13.8% and academic ability 12.5%.

Mission Australia Queensland state director Darren Young said when it came to identifying the biggest concerns facing the nation, alcohol and drugs were the top concern for young Central Queenslanders.

"Alongside general concerns surrounding alcohol and drugs use in peers, this concern may reflect the permeation of the drug ice through many communities in Australia, as well as its prevalence in media and political discussions," Mr Young said.

"Young people in Central Queensland are continuing to report equity and discrimination as an issue of national concern, with the comments by young people focusing on racism and sexism.

"It highlights the increased need to tackle wider gender equality. Despite some progress, women are still woefully under-represented in leadership roles across all sectors. Without strong female role models, I fear young women will continue to lack the confidence to aim high and attain their goals."

A spokesperson from Mission Australia said that overall, young Central Queenslanders were positive about the future, with about 50% of respondents feeling positive or very positive about the future.

Survey Results

19,000 young Australians aged 15-19 responded to the survey

160 responses were from Central Queensland

Alcohol and drugs was the biggest concern facing young Australians and Queenslanders (25.1%)

Alcohol and drugs were the biggest concerns facing young Central Queenslanders (31.2%)

Young north Queenslanders are also concerned about the economy and financial matters (22.1%) and equity and discrimination (19.1%)

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