CQ weather update: New system to bring more rain

MOUNT Morgan residents Lenny and Janet Buckton said it would be heaven sent if they received follow-up rain on their property this weekend.

"Whatever rain comes, we'll be grateful,” Janet said after a weather expert forecast more downpours for the the town.

In the last four days, the couple has received 15cm of rain filling two of their dams after not having good rain since the beginning of the year.

Janet said if a storm were to develop, they would be protected as they had no trees around their house and hoped others would be safe as well.

A weather system travelling inland towards Queensland's eastern coast is expected to dump more rain on an already drenched CQ this weekend.

Rockhampton weather expert Mike Griffin said the trough could have isolated severe storms with tornadic gusts over 90kph and possible hail mainly around the Darling Downs/Warrego and adjacent districts.

Mr Griffin estimated the Central Highlands could receive isolated falls between 15mm and 20mm today as the trough heads towards the coast.

However, it is predicted that only the top edge of the trough will reach the Capricornia region which could receive showers.

Mr Griffin said it appeared Rockhampton would only receive light rainfall from the system.

However, he said Mount Morgan could receive heavier falls where storms may possibly develop as well as in the Westwood area.

Wide Bay/Burnett could receive upwards of 30mm this afternoon or evening and it is predicted that Gympie, Maryborough, Miriam Vale could produce a decent storm.

The new system comes after the region was hit with heavy rain and river flooding, and extreme totals of 300-400mm recorded in some areas earlier this week.

There were reports of 600-700mm totals around Miriam Vale.

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