Lilly in the cryotherapy chamber
Lilly in the cryotherapy chamber Allan Reinikka ROK020218aonelife

CQ woman dips into the 'unknown' with new business venture

HAVE YOU EVER laid in a flotation pool where you are completely buoyant? Or stood in -130°C cold air? Or maybe an infrared sauna?

If you haven't, you sure will want to because it sounds more than relaxing.

Bec Toohey has opened The One Life Centre located in the newly-opened health wellness and fitness hub, Kent & Archer Complex.

"It is a one-stop shop for wellness and recovering,” Ms Toohey said. "The vision we have is people walk in and their blood pressure just drops, all their stress and pain is taken away.”

The business aims to provide advanced recovery and rejuvenation methods using the latest technology.

"There is something for everyone, if it is an athlete being able to train harder, tired mums, businesspeople, detoxing the body after a long weekend, stress and fatigue,” Ms Toohey said.

Lilly Kele in the infared sauma
Lilly Kele in the infared sauma Allan Reinikka ROK020218aonelife

With some new "machines”, clients to the centre can have the chance of cryotherapy, float pods and pools, infrared sauna, muscular skeletal and massage therapy.

Ms Toohey dedicated 18 months of research to decide on these particular machines.

"The cryotherapy and flotation therapy were the only ones that were not in Rocky and were beneficial for people,” Ms Toohey said.

The business officially opened last week and there has already been a lot of interest in the new venture.

"We put a lot of emphasis on making a really good website with a really good booking system and they can even pay online,” Ms Toohey said.

"The flotation pools and massage were completely booked out over the weekend.

"It is unknown to a lot of people, but it has been extremely receptive and people are dropping by and walking through.”

Lilly in the flotation pool
Lilly in the flotation pool Allan Reinikka ROK020218aonelife

Most of the interest has come through social media and phone calls.

"A lot of people are looking for pain relief,” Ms Toohey said.

The human body and how it works is nothing new to Ms Toohey, who has a human movement degree in exercise science.

Her experience locally is what led her to open the business.

"I started working in gyms when I was 19, I found while there was a shift in more people wanting to be healthier, there wasn't the access to recovery,” Ms Toohey said.

For now, Ms Toohey will focus on getting started.

"Just see where it goes for me, start to package things up to cater to sports teams, groups and just cater for the community,” she said.


Cold therapy

-130 degrees for three minutes

Fight inflammation, soreness and fatigue


Deep relaxation

Completely buoyant

No pressure on joints or muscles

Complete sensory isolation

Body temperture water

Sound proof and dark


Heatwaves as opposed to steam

Penetrates skin a lot deeper

Stay in longer, the heat is not as a stifling

Benefits are a lot quicker

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