EDUCATING SAFETY: Naomi Barton from Guardian Smoke Alarms in CQ has used her teaching skills to keep her clients safe from any harm.
EDUCATING SAFETY: Naomi Barton from Guardian Smoke Alarms in CQ has used her teaching skills to keep her clients safe from any harm. Sean Fox

CQ woman's burning desire to keep us safe

FORMER teacher Naomi Barton is currently using her skills to educate her clients on smoke alarms and on both the current and new legislation.

Ms Barton completed her training to become a teacher at CQUniversity in 2010. She was the first ever female Manual Arts teacher to graduate from CQU.

"After six years as a teacher I was looking for something new and challenging", Ms Barton said.

"I had owned my own business previously and wanted to own my own business again."

One day, Ms Barton saw an opportunity arise which looked like a good fit for her.

It was an industry that had never occurred to her previously.

"I came across an ad for a Smoke Alarms business for sale and was intrigued, so I contacted the owner," she said.

"As it happens, it was a fireman that owned it...he was looking to upskill his career in the fire brigade and so was selling this business to free up his time."

The director of Guardian Smoke Alarms bought the local business in June 2016 and has dedicated herself to helping locals become more educated about the seriousness of smoke alarms.

"I did not realise that such a service existed...I have always taken care of our own alarms, but upon learning of the legal obligations and consequences that are associated with tending to your own alarms I understand the sense in having a professional take on the responsibilities."

For the last two years, Ms Barton has made sure her clients are always safe, by performing each task for her clients meticulously.

Educating them on the importance of maintenance and insuring optimal location is chosen for optimum functionality.

Ms Barton ensures that her information passed on to clients is current and optimal to their specific needs - seeking clarity wherever required.

"If I am ever asked a curly question that could be ambiguous in the response I will always go back to the legislation, and if required, to the people who wrote the legislations and clarify with them," she said.

Learning about the legislation around smoke alarms has been a real eye opener for her.

"It has really informed me and I like the idea of informing people."

Ms Barton's favourite part of her role is meeting amazing people.

"You go to the client's homes and they are so relaxed easier to chat with, there are some really beautiful people in our town," Ms Barton said.

Meanwhile, Ms Barton has not completely left the teaching arena, providing a helping hand to schools across the region.

She works as a relief teacher for various schools which have included Emmaus College, St. Anthony's Catholic Primary School, Mount Morgan State High School, and currently Rockhampton State High School.

Ms Barton works within the manual arts department where she educates students on construction, engineering, junior woodwork and metalwork.

Guardian Smoke Alarms is her main focus, where her heart is.

Guardian Smoke Alarms focus on compliance, installation, sales, maintenance, quotes for upgrades to the new legislation which is on its way and general information.

Ms Barton visits residential clients to upgrade their smoke alarm systems within their homes and educate them on safety and the importance of the devices.

You can contact Naomi Barton from Guardian Smoke Alarms on 0407 965 975 or email admin@guardiansmoke

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