CQUni students ask the most important question of the day

Jorden Slingo, Kayla Reynolds, Jacob Schafer
Jorden Slingo, Kayla Reynolds, Jacob Schafer Boden Hallett ROK140917ruok1

IT'S a conversation we should all have with our loved ones and friends: are you okay?

CQUniversity celebrated the initiative today at the North Rockhampton campus.

Associate Vice Chancellor at CQUniversity in Rockhampton, Kim Harrington said the initiative is a great opportunity to connect with the people around us.

"It gives us that reason to actually stop and chat with people," she said.

"Life gets really busy and in the ideal world, we should be checking on our own health as well as the health of the people around us".

The outdoor setting proved to be a relaxing location for the festivity.

"We've turned it into a brings people out and they really do relax," she said.

CQUniversity has embraced the R U Okay initiative for the last few years.

"It's getting bigger and better each year," she said.

Kim said the heavy work load involved with tertiary studies can impact the students.

"It's a lot of tough work and with the pressures of community, family life, trying to work, trying to study, it does bring a lot of additional pressure to people," she said.

The initiative has proved to benefit both staff as well as students at the campus.

"Last year, some of our staff and students were saying, well - actually no and I'd like to talk to someone," she said.

CQUniversity campus life student ambassador, Karly Fowler said it is important for us to look out for others as well as ourselves.

"You have to look out for one another because not everyone is able to really take hold of everything," she said.

"Starting that conversation is really important because nowadays we're so caught up in technology".

The celebration included live music, massage therapy and a volleyball challenge.

Capricorn Animal Aid paid a visit to the campus with some of their adorable rescue dogs.

"It really brings you away from the stress of assignments, especially at this point in the term; a lot of assignments are due," she said.

"It just eases you up and helps get perspective; you've got to enjoy yourself first before everything else".

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