Craig's car cops a biff

“SHE'S a race car now,” was how Craig Torr described the rearranging of panel work on his brand new Super Sedan early on the program at Rockhampton Showgrounds on Saturday.

Behind the wheel of his 2009 Rocket for the first time, Torr found trouble almost immediately.

“I got turned around on the first corner,” he said.

“A guy ran over the front of me; it's just a couple of little dents.”

That was not the only problem for the Rockhampton ace who had managed to run through from fourth place to finish second, following the restart, in his opening heat of the Freightliner Super Sedan series.

“We had an early night,” he joked.

In Torr's second heat he detected an unusual engine noise and pulled the car out of the race.

“It was a little noise but I pulled out as a precaution,” he said.

“We only ran the one race, you've got to be careful.”

The other local driver testing out his new machine was Matthew Williams and he didn't enjoy much better fortune, recording a DNF (did not finish) in the feature.

However, to hear Williams talk everything went to plan.

“I was rapt,” he said.

“It (the new Dodge Intrepid) was really honking.”

That was until the feature when Williams was just one of the drivers who came to grief.

Never one to back down, Williams had recorded two fourth places and a win to put himself in fourth position in the starting line up, a position he felt confident he could better.

“I got up to second and decided to go up high and was shoved into the wall,” he said.

“I've got about two straight panels now.”

“It's a bit second-hand.”

While the damaged panels didn't put a stop to Williams another problem for the racer was that in the accident he snapped a tail shaft and that did end his day.

Williams said he was pumped with the performance of the new car.

“It was worth having two weeks off to get her going,” he joked.

While Rockhampton favourites Torr and Williams missed out, the man who was expected to have another win in the series, Darren Kane, was also credited with a DNF when he too got caught up in an untidy mess during the feature race.

That left the way open for Steve Pearce to grab the victory for round two of the series with Gavin Northfield runner-up.

In the Super Stockers section it was “the Ohl one-two” as son Chris got the better of his father Jeff to win the feature event leaving Queensland number one Glenn Knox to pick up third place.

Two of the racers expected to be in the chase Danny Lennon and Mark Hogan didn't figure in the final.

“Danny didn't get his car fixed in time and so he was a non-starter,” Hogan said.

Hogan was looking good in the feature until bad luck struck.

“I started seventh and moved up to fourth when the right rear tyre blew,” he said.

Michael Johnson had similar troubles, blowing a front tyre on the passenger side while handily placed.

An encouraging run came from Brenton Scott who got up tofourth place in just his second meeting.

“He's going real well,” Hogan said.

Reports on the V8 AMCA Nationals and Fender Benders will appear in the Morning Bulletin this week.

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