Craving for classy kitchens

GAVIN Zielke touches a hidden switch and a shelving unit silently sinks from view.

In a couple of seconds it is flush with a granite worktop.

“Sometimes you want the decoration, sometimes you want the space. With this system you can have both,” says Gavin, co-manager at Rockhampton’s Kawana Kitchens.

It’s cutting-edge stuff, and along with self-closing drawers and cupboards and coloured aluminium splashbacks that can be moulded to any shape, it’s the sort of trend-setting feature that’s becoming commonplace in upmarket modern kitchens.

Gavin should know. Kawana Kitchens has just been honoured by the Housing Industry Association for its design flair and expertise. The company placed runner-up in the Brisbane-Toowoomba Housing Awards in two categories – bathroom project over $20,000 and kitchen project over $30,000.

The kitchen in question actually cost about $45,000 and was exclusively designed for a new apartment on the Brisbane River.

Gavin’s co-manager Brett Rewald said it had been judged the highest-class cabinet work in the industry and featured granite, marble, solid timber and the latest technologies.

“We worked with the client on the design and it was judged the best designed kitchen in Brisbane and Queensland,” he said.

“We made everything here in Rockhampton and our own staff installed it.”

Brett said up against the best kitchen companies in the state, Rocky workers had proved they were the finest.

“I think we have a great line-up of skills in Rockhampton, with people capable of working anywhere.”

And it’s those same workers who are currently working flat-out to meet the high demand for new kitchens here in CQ.

“The renovation market is very strong at the moment and people are spending to get the kitchen of their dreams.

“There’s not really any upper limit,” said Gavin. “People will spend what it takes to achieve what they want, and there’s so much choice now in terms of colours, materials, styles and appliances.”

He said Kawana Kitchens’ 41 staff worked all over Queensland, but its bread and butter came through the company’s showroom in Alexandra Street, North Rockhampton.

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