Hello Barbie
Hello Barbie

'Creepy' new Barbie that records kids conversations

PRIVACY advocates are trying to stop the release of a new Barbie doll which can converse with children.  

Hello Barbie was unveiled in February, and records voices using an embedded microphone activated by a button.

The audio is then sent to a server and converted into information which Barbie uses in her responses. 

 Like any other electronic device, Barbie updates via Wi-Fi to keep up to date.   

All this might sound cute, but privacy advocates aren't so sure.   

Advocacy group Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has set up a petition, which already has 5000 signatures. 

"Imagine your children playing with a Wi-Fi-connected doll that records their conversations and then transmits them to a corporation which analyses every word to learn all of [the child's] likes and dislikes. That's exactly what Mattel's eavesdropping Hello Barbie will do if it is released this [northern] fall,"  reads the petition.

"Kids using Hello Barbie won't only be talking to a doll, they'll be talking directly to a toy conglomerate whose only interest in them is financial. It's creepy and creates a host of dangers for children and families."  

"Children naturally reveal a lot about themselves when they play."

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