One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has big plans this year.
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has big plans this year. Allan Reinikka ROK081117ahanson3

Pauline Hanson targets families of immigrant criminals

FAMILIES of immigrants who commit crimes would face deportation in certain circumstances, under a list of priorities to be released by One Nation leader Pauline Hanson.

A "use it or lose it" policy for gas companies and a reform of the family law system will also be on Senator Hanson's hit list as she heads to Federal Parliament in 2018.

The party will be pushing for a controversial "zero net immigration" policy, aimed at "stabilising the country's population", as well as a stronger vetting process for migrants.

Migrants who "choose to engage in antisocial, criminal behaviours" would not be given Australian citizenship.

Pauline Hanson
Pauline Hanson Helen Spelitis

Senator Hanson said families of those who have committed extreme offences should also face deportation "under certain circumstances".

"It is high time parents start taking more responsibility for the actions of their children," she said.

"More must be done to create strict laws and regulations that protect our national security and

reduce the risk of terrorism and radicalisation."

Senator Hanson would also push for gas companies sitting on offshore gas reserves who are not producing to have them taken away.

"It's a fact that the Federal Government has granted 31 retention licences for offshore areas which contain more gas than we'd know what to do with," Senator Hanson said.

"None of these licences have gone to production phase, with some multinational companies having sat on these reserves for the past 30 years."

The banking royal commission and the review of the Family Law Act would also be top of her priorities.

Senator Hanson said the issues of domestic violence orders, child support, parental equality and a lack of judges needed to be taken into account in any family law overhaul.

She said she would also focus on water security and the protection of prime agricultural land, with attempts to sell land and ocean resources to foreign corporations to be "strongly opposed".

"This is an issue that is of particular interest to Queensland. I want to see a focus on ensuring

water security for prime agriculture land by investing more in infrastructure like dams.

"It's disgraceful that we have a system now that incentivises multinational corporations to trade water for profit, with no regard for what is best for the long-term future of Australia's regional farming communities."

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