Crocodiles in the Fitzroy River becomes snapper of an issue

THE LNP has responded to Rockhampton MP Bill Byrne's parliamentary speech on Tuesday night regarding crocodiles in the Fitzroy River, where he slammed the government for its "disgraceful inaction".

Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Andrew Powell said the Newman Government was committed to improving crocodile management in Queensland, with an increased focus on public safety.

"We have removed a record number of 35 crocodiles from waterways across Queensland this year," he said.

"Any crocodile which is assessed as displaying behaviour that constitutes a threat to human safety in the Fitzroy River will be targeted for capture and removal.

"If Mr Byrne has received reports from members of the community I would encourage him to also contact our wildlife hotline so rangers can respond as soon as possible."

My Byrne's attack came after he received an email from Brian Smith, of Rocky's Own Transport, who witnessed a three to four-metre crocodile in the Fitzroy River, close to the Ski Gardens.

"I feel this is an unacceptable risk to the general public," the email said.

"Surely a removal program can be implemented to rectify this situation."

Mr Byrne said his previous attempts to get crocodiles removed from the river had been disregarded by the environmental department.

"It is simply outrageous that animals of this size can be identified by members of the public regularly while the supposedly professional departmental staff can find nothing and are unwilling to deal with the issue when approached by a Member of this House," he said.

Mr Powell also said their policy was in accordance with the Crocodile Management policy introduced by the former Labor government in 2007.

Crocodile sightings can be reported at any time on 1300 130 372, and Environment and Heritage Protection investigates all crocodile reports it receives.

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