Don't procrastinate about crossing things off the to-do list

NEVER put off to tomorrow what you can do today.

It sounds extremely logical.

But when it comes to actually doing those "do today" things, why do I find procrastination sets in?

I have a list of jobs I need to do that are those annoyingly fiddly things I hate doing.

My current list includes changing my postal address with various companies, sorting out receipts ahead of tax time and going through boxes in the shed, just to start.

So rather than complete even one of those things I sit down and write them all on a list. After all, there is great satisfaction to be had by crossing one of those completed items off the list.

So why is it hard to complete any of those tedious tasks to get them off the list?

I have even gone so far as to write a job on the list I have already done so I can then cross it off.

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There are some things I am fabulously prompt at doing.

Being a working mother there is plenty that needs to be super-organised to ensure I get to work on time.

Morning schedules are planned down to the minute with departure times announced in countdown to the kids.

The evening schedule, while less hectic, still involves plenty of organisation with picking up kids from various and sporting activities and then forward thinking to the following morning.

This includes a quick fridge inspection to see if the kids ate us out of house and home after school, also known as "do I have enough milk for my coffee in the morning?"

Even our upcoming family trip away and wedding day are all booked and sorted, with only last-minute things still to be done. My Superman is much involved in these processes so I can't take all the credit.

So when I had a morning off work earlier this week I decided to attempt one thing that had been on my list the longest… updating my details with Centrelink.

After half an hour of trying to remember my password for the Centrelink phone app, I gave up and made a phone call.

I now have a "one hour and 45 minute of on hold music" reminder of exactly why it was on my procrastination list.

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