Council CEO cleans up dead crow

TO some, Alastair Dawson is a highly paid, uncompromising, hard-nosed bureaucrat.

The tough-talking Rockhampton Regional Council chief executive has shown he's not afraid to make tough decisions or rough it with the unions. He seems to thrive on confrontation.

Even his salary - $270,000 or more than $5000 a week - is intimidating.

But today The Morning Bulletin can reveal that the man in the sharp suit has an unexpected softer side.

A council insider has revealed that when Mr Dawson was told no one would remove a foul-smelling decaying dead crow from the footpath outside an old lady's house in South Rockhampton, he didn't hesitate.

He left his plush office, pulled on some gloves and bagged the putrid bird himself.

Mr Dawson declined an invitation to comment on his bird-gathering activity yesterday, but the old lady who had suffered the stench of the decomposing crow for about a week was full of praise.

“I'm really grateful that it's gone,” said the woman, who is in her 80s and lives alone.

“I was advised not to touch it myself because of the health risk, but the council said it wouldn't remove it because it was a wild animal.

“Fancy going to all that trouble. I'm very pleased he did it.”

The council insider said Mr Dawson was obviously touched by the old lady's plight.

An official statement from the council confirmed the authority would collect dead dogs and cats and livestock from council owned or controlled land in urban areas.

But it was not responsible for dead animals on privately owned premises or land under the control of state and federal governments. And it won't collect dead animals from rural areas.

Native animals, marine mammals, birds, bats and rodents are also outside its area of responsibility.

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