Ben Geppert, Allaina Vader and John Fahey.
Ben Geppert, Allaina Vader and John Fahey.

‘Crush up salt and get my 6-year-old to snort it’

A SOCIAL media war of words between notorious former bikies has escalated into real life following an incident where a young girl snorted salt as if it were cocaine.

Former Bandido enforcer John Fahey, who fathered a six-year-old daughter with former partner Allaina Vader, has taken to Instagram to berate a Gold Coast bikie after the incident involving his daughter.

Former Hells Angels bikie Ben Geppert, who now dates Vader, was filmed crushing up salt at a restaurant, preparing it for young girl to snort as if it were cocaine.

The same post showed two pictures of the young girl sniffing the salt.

The Sunday Mail has chosen not to publish the video or photos of the girl, which have now been removed from social media.

John Fahey.
John Fahey.

The disgusting post was uploaded by Fahey on Friday night, who captioned it "Ya crush up salt and get my 6 year old daughter to snort it. Your (sic) going to be snorting ya teeth maggot … Ben Geppert bone yard dog."

Worryingly, the drama was far from over, as it's understood another video of a verbal altercation in a busy shopping centre shared by Fahey was in retaliation to the salt-sniffing incident.

The video shows Fahey's associates approach Geppert in the middle of the Gold Coast shopping centre, hurling abuse at him and prompting him to fight.

The men can be heard in the video, captioned "The boys put it on ya and what, ya s--- ya pants your (sic) a big mouth s--- talker maybe if ya misses was there to tell ya 'have a crack', calling Geppert a "f---ing p---y dog," and a "piece of s---."

Ben Geppert.
Ben Geppert.



Allaina Vader. Picture: Instagram
Allaina Vader. Picture: Instagram

Vader lashed out at Fahey over the post.

In her Instagram story, Vader suggests her former partner should focus his attention on looking after his newborn.

"Worry about your new child before you die of old age or coke overdose," Vader wrote about Fahey.

"Don't come at me or my daughter again. Threw (sic) you and another mans war. You are a joke and you always have been a has been."

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