Cut to the bone in park stabbing

WAYNE Nixon Hill has no recollection of lunging at another man's face with a knife and cutting him to the bone.

The 53-year-old man had been drinking with his girlfriend and another man in Bell Park in Emu Park on January 19.

As the man sat next to Hill's girlfriend, Hill suddenly lunged at him with the knife.

The man tilted his head back in an attempt to evade the blow, and instead copped it on the chin.

The knife penetrated to the bone, leaving a 6cm-long, 2-3cm deep laceration in his face.

As the man got up and attempted to stumble home, Hill beat him there, telling the man's nephew he had “slit his throat”.

The man was then taken to Yeppoon Hospital where the wound was sealed with stitches.

Hill pleaded guilty in the Rockhampton District Court on Tuesday to charges of unlawful wounding and possession of a knife in a public place.

Crown prosecutor Jessica King said Hill had an extensive history, most of which was made up of things like street offences, vagrancy and wilful damage.

Defence solicitor Jeff Clarke said Hill had developed an alcohol problem after a mining accident in 1990 that saw him trapped for some time.

He said Hill had no recollection of the knifing incident, but accepted what had happened.

Mr Clarke said Hill had the knife with him to pry oysters from rocks at a nearby beach.

Judge David Reid sentenced Hill to three years' imprisonment with a parole release date of June 16 next year.

Judge Reid urged Hill to address his alcohol issues with the counselling available in prison 

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