Cut in number of teams ruffles a few feathers

FOOTBALL: The vision of the Central Queensland Zone committee for the reduction of the number of teams playing in the Capricorn League seems to have ruffled a few feathers around the area.

A letter sent out to clubs recently states that the league “has to return” to a competitive competition with the Capricorn League competition limited to seven or eight clubs plus the Central Queensland Zone under-19 team.

While the wording of the letter implies this is a fait accompli, chair of the CQ Zone committee Gwen Fox said that was not the case.

Representatives of clubs from Rockhampton and Gladstone held a regular meeting during October to discuss the 2009 competition and provide recommendations to the board for 2010.

The board then met and produced a letter for discussion when the club’s meet with the Zone Men’s Standing committee chairman Andrew Pelling on November 21.

Fox said the main concern of the board is the deterioration of the standard of the Capricorn League.

“Our first division has to be of a high standard,” Fox admitted.

Clubs had indicated they prefer an option of the Capricorn League reverting to two divisions rather than just the one.

“Last time the second division fell away badly,” she said.

With the Cougars taking the best players from clubs an effect was felt with some games being very one-sided.

Next season an under-19 team is to be introduced to the competition further limiting the players available to clubs.

The introduction of the under-19 team, run by the Zone, is to formalise the pathway of the best young players.

“It is a path to the Cougars and possibly identification for A-League clubs,” Fox said.

Currently letters are being sent to clubs to nominate players in the 17-19 age group for the squad.

Fox said once the young team was introduced, it drew more prospective players from clubs.

“The Cap League is spreading talent too thinly and so you have to wonder where the clubs are going to get players,” she said.

A suggestion to come from the board is that clubs have a “merging of interests” to combine their playing assets for the Cap League without amalgamating. They would still operate as a club in lower divisions

“Clubs are not just social, but have to offer an avenue for playing at a higher level of the game,” she added.

“They have to give players that opportunity.

“It is still a discussion, nothing is ratified,” she confirmed.

“The meeting on November 21 will provide recommendations that will need to be ratified by the board.”

  • Football CQ is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified coach to guide its under-19 squad in the 2010 Capricorn League and six matches in the Hyundai State (Youth) League.

Applications containing a coaching CV should be sent to:-Administrator, Football CQ, 72 High St, North Rockhampton by November 30.

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