Cut power bill with warm clothes, reverse-cycle air-con

ERGON Energy's Bob Pleash has the power to cut your electricity bill by potentially hundreds of dollars.

Well, at least he can try with the handful of energy-efficient initiatives he has up his woollen sleeves this cold winter.

Mr Pleash (pictured) advised Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast residents to consider two of the most energy-efficient ways to keep snug in the wake of yesterday morning's minimum temperature of 3.9 degrees.

"Add more layers of clothing or use reverse-cycle air-conditioning instead of using things like oil heaters," he said.

It all came down to simple initiatives from Mr Pleash, ones that were as easy as allowing sunlight into your home during the day to warm the house.

Appliances like oil and fan heaters were among the worst to use for warmth as they had a high wattage.

Fan heaters chewed-up about 2400 watts of electricity a pop.

He also advised residents to change their hot water tariffs, to suit their needs, if they found the general hot water tariff was too costly.

"It can be as simple as adding more layers of clothing. These small differences could make the biggest impact on your electricity bill," he said.

Despite some public perception that heaters and electric blankets were hot in demand, Mr Pleash said the summer period still remained the peak loading season of the year in Central Queensland.

Here are a few pointers to save on energy:

 Connect your hot water system to Tariff 33 and you could save up to 30% on your water heating costs.

 Take shorter showers - four minutes is perfect.

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