REVEALED: Shocking cyber bullying statistics

JUST one day after the harrowing story of one CQ teen's social media experience rocked the community, it has been revealed that almost one in five Australian teens have been victim to cyber bullying.

The Morning Bulletin this week reported the story of a 15-year-old school girl, who had allegedly been 'catfished' by her three friends for a period of 14 weeks after they made a fake profile as a boy online.

The teenagers may yet face criminal charges after it was revealed they had pressured the friend into taking nude photos of herself.

But this CQ teen is not alone.

Statistics released on Wednesday by the Children's eSafety Commission show 19% of young people between the ages of 14 and 17 admit to being harassed or bullied online in the 12 months to June.

"Attacks" included rumours, threats to personal safety and hacking.

The numbers also showed around 30% of teens witnessed the cyber bullying of other people online, while less than half of all teens and pre-teens took action after experiencing a negative incident online.

The research follows a 2015 snapshot, which showed 82% of teens had been online in the past month.

Of this, 64% were streaming video, 47% playing games online, 78% were emailing, 54% were social networking and 78% were browsing or conducting research.

Around 52% of teen users access the internet on two different devices, while 30% are using three.

Almost 20% were reliant on only one device.

For more statistics, or advice on how to manage children and social media, visit

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