DRONE: Take a flight over Statue Bay, Rosslyn

THE upraded highway at Statue Bay will be a few metres wider and will include a shared pathway for cyclists.

Deputy Mayor Graham Scott said a lot of thought had gone into the engineering phase of the reconstruction which included extending the width of the road including a 2.5 metre wide pathway.

"This was the Scenic Highway built in the mid 30s from Yeppoon and Emu Park as a tourist route and it's done a fantastic job but over time it's had it's struggles and Cyclone Marcia basically finished this piece of road off, so we have to reconstruct," Cr Scott said.

"Over time this rock face, which has a lot of a variety of geological forms does erode, so since the 30s there's been some reduction in strength and stability in the face but we were taking the precaution before Marcia of closing relevance of this road during extreme wet weather events because the additional moisture leads to a loss of internal friction which causes landslides.

"So it was reaching it's designed life and it really sustained a lot more damage with Marcia. It's a critical piece of our road network and we hope this construction might last the next 80 years.


Statue Bay road.
Statue Bay road. Allan Reinikka ROK031116astatueb

"The engineering on this particular package of work is what we call a down slope which will be the road itself and the retaining walls and revetment structures out into the ocean.

"With that we have to move the road away from the cliff which will allow us to do the up-slope later.

"It will be a full modern two-lane road with five metre lanes, plus we'll have a two and a half metre shared pathway."

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