Cyclone Marcia insurance backflips after David's help

THERE could be millions of dollars in unpaid, or underpaid, insurance claims sitting in Central Queensland.

David Keane has already helped several residents get more from their insurer following Cyclone Marcia's devastation, but he believes there are hundreds of people who are still unhappy.

Over two decades in the insurance industry, Mr Keane gave claims advice to family and friends who were unhappy with their insurance payouts, before starting Solve My Claim.

Mr Keane said he started the company after seeing the number of families and business-owners who had nowhere to go for advice on claims.

"All too often, people feel let down by their insurers, as claims are either denied or certain items are excluded from cover, even when they should be included in a claim," he said.

"But rather than standing up and fighting, too often people just accept their lot, reasoning that they will never be able to stand against the might of the insurance company."

Following Cyclone Marcia, Mr Keane approached The Morning Bulletin and offered to help resolve some claims for free.

From the four Cyclone Marcia claims he has so far resolved, Mr Keane said residents had collectively received more than $100,000 from their insurers.

One of those claims was from Mary, whose insurer was only offering $1,300 for a fence damaged in the natural disaster.

Mr Keane said the repair quote was actually closer to $4000.

"To make matters worse, the insurer did not offer to actually repair the fence, they just wanted to give her $1,300 and leave it to her to sort out the repair," he said.

Mary contacted Mr Keane after seeing his call-out in The Morning Bulletin.

After following his advice, Mary called him back to let him know the insurer had agreed to pay out the full $4000.

Solve My Claim also assisted Bernie, whose insurer was denying a "substantial portion" of his claim on his roof, owing to what they classified as pre-existing damage.

"Bernie had already gone as far as the QLD Claims Manager, who had told them to "take it or leave it" as nothing further would be offered," Mr Keane said.

When Solve My Claim got involved, the matter was taken to the insurer's upper management and the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Before the ombudsman could take action, the insurer agreed to re-inspect the property with a qualified roofer and electrician.

The offer was then increased by more than $20,000, which enabled Bernie to repair and sell the property.

Cyclone Marcia

As of August 27, there were a total of 38,533 insurance claims relating to Cyclone Marcia

House claims totalled 21,094

Private vehicle claims totalled 1,599, while there were 177 commercial motor claims

The total estimated losses was $522,167,358

Source: Insurance Council of Australia

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