MAYOR Margaret Strelow.
MAYOR Margaret Strelow.

D stands for a Rockhampton region funding disaster

MAYOR Margaret Strelow yesterday said she was "plane-ready" to head to Canberra today to fight for her city.

After learning yesterday that Rockhampton would not receive a cent of Category D funding, she told Capricornia MP Michelle Landry she was prepared to fly to Canberra today to meet with Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan.

While in parliament in Canberra, Ms Landry sent the mayor a text message assuring her she was on the region's side.

She told Cr Strelow she was trying to meet with the Justice Minister today to lobby so Rockhampton gets a slice of the funding pie.

"It's absolutely outrageous that our name is not on any of these approvals," Cr Strelow said yesterday.

The thrust of Rockhampton Regional Council's Category D funding request was for the riverbank revitalisation and restoration of the Botanic Gardens, Kershaw Gardens and local creeks and waterways.

A document breaking down the allocation of Category D funding revealed none of Rockhampton's projects and proposals was approved.

Cr Strelow said the council did not make any submissions for green waste clean-up, which was one of the approved funding proposals.

A spokeswoman from Mr Keenan's office yesterday said the funding package overall was problematic in a number of respects.

She said funding was sought for regional development projects, like the Rockhampton riverfront redevelopment and the Yeppoon foreshore revitalisation, but they weren't funded under disaster recovery arrangements.

"As the Queensland Government knows, the appropriate mechanism for funding regional development projects is the National Stronger Regions Fund," the spokeswoman said.

Livingstone Mayor Bill Ludwig yesterday disputed the Federal Government's position, saying previous governments had allocated Category D funding for projects similar to the Yeppoon foreshore revitalisation proposal.

See the fact box for a breakdown of the Category D funding approvals.

Category D funding for TC Marcia

Here is a breakdown of the request for Category D funding and how it will be allocated:


$750K: For the industry recovery support program proposed as part of the agriculture recovery package - industry recovery officers only

$7M: $1M for green waste clean-up, $6M for clean-up and restoration of National Parks, beaches, recreational assets

$20M: for local govt assets only. Funding for building incremental resilience into impacted roads, public assets

Not approved:

$30M: For the R'ton riverbank reconstruction, revitalisation

$8.5M: for the restoration of Rockhampton Botanic Gardens and Kershaw Gardens

$34M: For the Yeppoon foreshore revitalisation

$6M: For the Emu Park CBD revitalisation

$15M: For the agricultural landscape rehabilitation scheme - to fund soil conservation, land rehabilitation and clear debris so primary producers can return to production

$5M: For the exceptional disaster assistance scheme - for primary producers, businesses most impacted by Marcia

$8M: For restoration of creeks and waterways

$60M: Extra funding for state assets and incremental resilience into impacted roads and public assets

$4M: To help with the clean-up and recovery of Port Alma and Port of Bundaberg

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