Dad four times legal limit with son in the car

A BOOZY dad with a child on-board lost control of his car and slammed into a tree on a suburban street had 15 beers before the crash.

He was nearly four times the legal limit.

An Ipswich court heard that the driver Daniel Hawkes-Botting didn't stay at the crash scene but tested later that night had an alcohol level of. 0175.

Daniel William Hawkes-Botting, 37, from Gailes, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to driving UIL on February 9 in Bundamba; and driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

A charge of failing to comply with the duties of a driver involved in a crash and give the drivers details to the owners of property involved - was dismissed when magistrate Jason Schubert and the prosecutor decided that there was no actual owner with the tree standing was in public space.

Prosecutor Sergeant Nicholas Turnbull said a police patrol was flagged down by people in two other cars after witnessing an earlier collision in Creek Street.

He said the car rego was given to police by witnesses telling the officers it had collided with a large tree.

When Hawkes-Botting was located soon after he told police he drank around 15 full strength beers earlier that day.

He had been out to buy cigarettes and had his teenage son with him when his Toyota Soarer hit the gutter and the father lost control.

Sgt Turnbull said Hawkes-Botting was breath tested and gave a reading of .175.

"I've stopped drinking. I'll never do it again, " a sheepish Hawkes-Botting told the magistrate.

"Yes I'm very sorry. I'm trying to move forward and do the right thing."

Mr Schubert said he had dated driving offences including drive when disqualified and a dangerous operation, but had shown a level of co-operation with police.

"You were driving a motor vehicle when over three times the legal limit," said Mr Schubert.

"I know. It's no good," said Hawkes-Botting.

"It was so stupid of me."

"You were stupid enough to have your 15-year-old son in the car with you," said Mr Schubert.

"As a father I can see no worse role modelling in your conduct in that instance.

"You were fortunate not to hit a person and not going to jail today.

"You hit a stationary tree. It could quite easily have been a person.

"You were a high risk of causing grave injuries to another person."

Mr Schubert convicted and fined the offending driver $2000 and disqualified his driver's licence for nine months - warning Hawkes-Botting that he would jail him if he comes back before the court if caught by police driving when disqualified.

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