Talented teen busts a move at TV dance show audition

Rockhampton dancer Mahdokht Mahdavi tried out for So You Think You Can Dance last week.
Rockhampton dancer Mahdokht Mahdavi tried out for So You Think You Can Dance last week. Chris Ison

THERE is no doubt Mahdokht Mahdavi can dance.

If you saw the 19-year-old Rockhampton girl on the dance floor, you would swear she had hip-hop flowing through her blood.

The talented teen took her dancing career to the next level last week and auditioned for popular reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

Unfortunately, Mahdokht didn't get the chance to show the judges just what she had up her sleeve, but the never-negative happy feet had no regrets.

"On the day of the auditions we went to registration and then to warm up for our choreography class," Mahdokht said.

"They changed it up a bit this year and we had a one-hour jazz/contemporary choreography session that we had to learn.

"I picked it up fairly well before we had to perform it in front of a panel of judges."

From there Mahdokht said the judges called out the names of the dancers who did well and who could go on to audition with their own dance and, disappointingly, her name was never called.

"I wasn't chosen along with a lot of other great dancers," she said.

"It was a bit disappointing that I didn't get to perform the choreography that I had been working on for weeks because I think it would have changed their mind about my dancing ability.

"Even though I didn't get through I enjoyed the experience and it was something new for me."

While she wouldn't be gracing Australian TV screens this season, Mahdokht wasn't giving up her dream.

"The experience really opened up my mind and eyes and just made me want to compete and teach dancing even more," Mahdokht said.

"When you learn from someone you pick up new dance styles and I not only learnt a new dance genre, I learnt how to teach dancing a lot better by the way she taught us."

Mahdokht had big plans for the future and was already learning and developing new choreography, organising dance workshops and exploring more competitions to enter.

"If So You Think You Can Dance has another season in Australia next year I'll audition again and I might also audition for Australia's Got Talent," she said.

"I have some new videos coming out later this month and early December so keep a look-out for them because they're going to be a bit different."

As for any other aspiring dancers, Mahdokht had one message.

"If the opportunity is there, take it," she said. "And always stay humble."

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