Dangerous rapist released from prison

A DANGEROUS Rockhampton rapist who blamed an online romance scam for breaching his supervision order has been released again.

Peter Scott Griffin, who has a history of preying on women, was suffering "emotional turmoil" when he left an Ipswich supermarket without paying for his groceries.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Monday how a Russian woman he had been chatting to online had asked him for money and he had developed feelings for a local woman he had met for coffee.

Griffin was fined $300 for shoplifting and obstructing police.

He had been released on a supervision order in 2012 after spending 13 years in jail for sexually attacking three strangers in a six-month rampage in Rockhampton in 1998.

But Griffin served an extra three months jail for masturbating last year in a North Rockhampton shopping centre, in view of a 20-year-old woman, to relieve sexual tension he experienced when he was stressed.

Justice Martin Daubney said it was clear Griffin needed "vigilant supervision" under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act but believed that could adequately protect the community.

He said Griffin told psychiatrist Dr Scott Harden he was feeling frustrated and upset at his dating situation when he shoplifted.

Justice Daubney said Dr Harden did not believe the shoplifting had changed Griffin's risk profile but reinforced his "emotional vulnerability in his relationships with women".

"He said he had been thinking about his attempts to form a relationship with a local woman he had met as his friend and his online attempt at a relationship," he said.

"He suspected there might be a scam involved."

Justice Daubney said Dr Josephine Sundin believed the supervision order had a positive impact on Griffin's lifestyle, noting any anger issues had not escalated to violent outbursts or sexual behaviour.

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