Dash cam footage shows horror truck drivers face on roads

Dash cam footage from trucks.
Dash cam footage from trucks.

WITH hundreds of trucks passing through Toowoomba every day, it is no wonder there are so many near collisions.

A video compiled and posted on the Dash Cam Owners Australia shows what truck drivers deal with when commuting.

It has been viewed almost one million times in less than one month.


The video shows cars changing lanes without indicating, slamming on brakes, swerving on the road and not paying attention when overtaking.

Truck driver Kevin Norris regularly drives thousands of kilometres from Toowoomba to Perth and features in the video, sharing stories of things he has seen on the road.

Dash cam footage from trucks.
Dash cam footage from trucks.

He said one particular incident rattled him.

"I was travelling from Dalby and I had my cruise control set on 90kmh and I had a line of traffic behind me," he said.

"The Subaru wagon was the instigator of the event, it followed me all the way and stayed behind me at 90kmh  through first lot of overtaking lanes.

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"A Hilux behind him went around me no problems and a couple of cars went past but then there was another black car coming towards me and I just happened to look in my mirror and the Subaru was right beside my lead trailer trying to overtake me.

"The black car was 150 meters away and there was nowhere to go.

"As I moved over, the left hand side tyres have hit the edge of the asphalt and because the shoulder was so steep it started to take the dog trailer away from me so I just had to turn.

Dash cam footage from trucks.
Dash cam footage from trucks.

"If I hadn't moved over, it would've been a head-on collision and he probably would have ended up under my dog trailer and they'd all be dead."

He told The Daily Telegraph motorists needed to take extra care on the roads with people becoming increasingly distracted.

"They think a truck will hold them up, so they try to get in front of us," Mr Norris said.

"They pull out of driveways and side streets straight in front of us.

"I find the issue is when the speed limit is around 90kmh with some people speeding past me at 100-110kmh."

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