Nashville's Davisson Brothers Band is headlining the Groundwater Country Music Festival.
Nashville's Davisson Brothers Band is headlining the Groundwater Country Music Festival. Supplied

The Davisson Brothers Band is Australia-bound with new music

THE Davisson Brothers Band makes its triumphant return to Australia this month armed with some new music.

The Nashville-based four piece, made up of brothers Donnie and Chris Davisson and their long-time friends Aaron Regester and Rus Reppert, was the stand-out hit at last year's CMC Rocks music festival - their first Australian shows.

The band travels back to Queensland as the international headliner of the Gold Coast's free three-day country music festival Groundwater, sharing the bill with Aussie favourites Lee Kernaghan, Beccy Cole, The Wolfe Brothers and Tex Perkins.

"We're looking forward to getting back and reconnecting; it's been way too long," guitarist Chris says over the phone from the Davisson family farm in West Virginia.

"From the nature of what we do we're up late at night, which is daytime for you guys so we get to communicate a lot with the Australian fans. We also run into a lot of them at our shows over here. The world's a lot smaller we've come to realise. We're running into Australians everywhere. It's like a great big family - we have a lot in common with you all."

Since releasing their studio album Fighter last year, the band has been hard at work on new music. But instead of stockpiling songs for another album, they've decided to record and release the songs as they come about -starting with the new single Unbreak You.

"We just had this little batch of songs that just hit us," Chris says.

"We wrote them real fast and they were so good we threw them into our live show. They just stood out in our live shows so much we couldn't deny it, so we got together with our producer and came to an agreement to get into the studio and put them out and keep moving. Unbreak You is one of two songs we cut. There's another one called Pond Fishing, maybe y'all will get to be hearing that soon.

"Sometimes you can wait around on a project and by the time you get there the stuff you've written feels a bit dated. We tour 52 weeks a year, which we take a lot of pride in, and it's one big motion to us. We write songs, start playing them live and then record them as fast as we can."

Fans can also expect to hear news about the band's long-awaited reality TV series.

"The last couple of years we've been running around with cameras following us," he says. "It's unscripted. We'll be on the farm one day with our family hanging out, feeding the cows and working in the garden, and the next day we're on the road.

"There may be a little teaser coming out really soon.

"If things go to plan we hope we can film some stuff in the back country, or the bush as you call it, on this trip. We want to see what everybody does for fun down there. We want to see where those accents come from."

The Groundwater Country Music Festival plays at various venues and outdoor stages in Broadbeach from July 26 to 28. 

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