Australia Post says changes to Gracemere's post code will only happen if
Australia Post says changes to Gracemere's post code will only happen if "there are operational requirements to do so”. Rob Williams

Dear Aust Post spokesperson, are you listening to G'mere?

I HOPE Flynn MP Ken O'Dowd's official invitation to help thousands of his constituents arrives, ironically, in the mail soon so he can join the battle against Australia Post to have Gracemere's postcode changed.

Then together with Rockhampton Regional Council (which has admirably stepped up on this issue), he may unleash his energies on the true villain of this piece - hmmm, well, I'd love to tell you who that is...but at the moment I can't.

Not only can I not provide a name, I can't even give you a gender.

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But just so you are warned, it is you Mr, or Mrs, Australia Post spokesperson, I refer to.

It appears that for years you have rejected our community's request for change.

In your own words, provided to The Morning Bulletin, on Friday:

"We acknowledge the results of Rockhampton Regional Council's survey and are closely monitoring the mail delivery needs of the local Gracemere area. Australia Post has reviewed postcode 4702 several times.

"While local councils define the boundaries of the localities they administer, we assign postcodes within those areas based on the needs of the delivery network. Postcodes are used to efficiently process, transport and deliver mail to local residents. Australia Post will only make changes to postcodes if there are operational requirements to do so.

"The use of postcodes by other parties and service providers for their own purposes does not influence Australia Post's operational decisions regarding postcode allocation."

Your organisation's position is clear.

Maybe, it is the eternal optimism of a community that has hurt for too long that clings to hope that in following the same process as it has always done, there will be a different result this time.

However, I suspect your "close monitoring" of mail delivery needs is not going to show dramatic changes from previous monitoring. If any changes are reported there's every chance they will demonstrate even fewer people posting letters these days.

Maybe, the fact this community has been forced to change its request from having its own postcode to simply joining one a stone's throw away may be enough?

If not it may be we need to concede defeat and appeal to the good-natured bosses at insurance companies and the big banks...those same ones who so ruthlessly put in initiatives like the 30% home deposits for mining areas during the industry's downturn, that sparked the initial request to you.

By the time things happen through this snail-paced approach the damage will have been done.

Those who wanted to start a life in Gracemere, will for their sakes I hope, have found somewhere else.

I certainly pray by the time you have finished the monitoring process in this latest of appeals the mining sector will have turned around and the pressures on so many lives have lessened.

The lives of Central Queenslanders are being impacted by your decisions and you have the power to help.

I appreciate you may be a world away from this hurt, operating out of an office in a southern city, and genuinely believe that by citing process and procedure and running another "monitoring exercise" you feel you are doing the right thing.

But I ask if you can be flexible, even compassionate.

At the very least, maybe you could provide a name, so we know who to address in future.

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