Death-defying illusions will stun Rocky audiences

Eclipse: The Dance and Illusion Spectacular will perform at the Pilbeam Theatre.
Eclipse: The Dance and Illusion Spectacular will perform at the Pilbeam Theatre. Contributed

ANTHONY Street saw his first magic show at the age of eight and has been spellbound by tricks and illusions ever since.

That first day, at his local show, Anthony spent hours talking to the magician and learning how to do his own tricks.

A little magic kit from Santa that same year cemented his love for the art of illusion and signalled his future career.

Then at 14, Anthony found a new obsession, Irish dancing.

For some years he followed that career, performing as a professional dancer until his love of magic beckoned again and he found a way to combine the two in hit show, Celtic Illusion.

Now the performer is back with a brand new national tour combining jazz, contemporary and the best of Celtic Illusion with death-defying escape routines and aerial acrobatics.

Eclipse will premiere in Townsville next week and continue on a national tour, stopping by the Pilbeam Theatre on Monday, June 26.

Anthony described the show as a "big, jam-packed, epic illusion, dance, circus-type show” which he hoped would reach a new audience.

SPECTACULAR SHOW: Magic and dnace combine in Eclipse.
SPECTACULAR SHOW: Magic and dnace combine in Eclipse. Chris Hopkins

Included is his own version of Houdini's Chinese water torture cell, which has proved a challenge to master.

Anthony said it was a "very scary” illusion to undertake and involved plenty of practice in holding his breath before he could even set foot in water.

But even taking that step added complexity to the task.

"It's really important the water is a certain temperature because if it's too cold, my muscles cramp up and I tense up, which then starts using energy and oxygen in my lungs,” he said.

"I've got to preserve that as long as possible to make the illusion work.

"There's all these little things we've learnt along the way.

"Doing illusions is a lot more about designing lighting and the full-body choreography, there's no sleight of hand.

"We're mixing them both together now, though.”

Eclipse involves a cast of 17 and features talent from England, Scotland and Australia.

Don't miss out:

  • Eclipse: The Illusion and Dance Spectacular
  • When: Monday, June 26 at 7.30pm
  • Where: Pilbeam Theatre
  • To book: visit or call 4927 4111

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