OPINION: Debate around abortion not covering all issues

THERE are many elements to the abortion debate that are not being addressed.

This week, The Bulletin published a series of stories about abortion in Queensland, from many sides of the debate.

But what hasn't been raised is the bureaucratic red tape that hinders women from having other choices.

Many readers online raised the point that women might fall pregnant from being raped and do not want the child.

But the adoption laws in Australia make it nearly impossible for a Queensland woman to put a child up for adoption.

The laws are reasonable and fair, to a point. They say both mother and father must sign off on the adoption.

There is a clause in the Queensland legislation that waivers the father signing consent form if the child was conceived through rape, but given that less than 20% of rapes are reported to police (ABS figures), this waiver would be hard to prove for many women.

The other issue is around the foster care system. A reader suggested a woman who didn't want their baby could put the child into foster care.

The reality of the foster care system in Queensland is that there are not enough foster carers to look after the kids in need.

These points show the abortion debate is not just about religion, moral or biological matters.

Society's capability to deal with unplanned, unwanted pregnancies needs to be taken into consideration.

Personally, I think it is the woman's right to choose what happens to her body.

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