The Varidesk offers a range of options to get you on your feet.
The Varidesk offers a range of options to get you on your feet.

A desk worth standing up for

SITTING at your desk all day can be a pain in the neck - and back - not to mention the awful toll it has on your waistline.

At our office, where we can be at our desk for hours on end, more and more people are opting to buy their own stand up desks - or ask the company to fork out for one.

Already we have technology like the Apple Watch which encourages us to stand up for every hour. But if we just stand up and walk around and then sit down for hours on end again, it doesn't do much.

After being offered a Varidesk to trial, we jumped out of our seats.

To be honest though, after it was delivered it stayed in the box for far too long. We were thinking it would be painful to set up, like some horrible Ikea puzzle.

We couldn't be more wrong. Sure, it's big and the box is heavy but once you slide the desk out of its packaging, the set-up is superbly easy.

The desk I am testing, which retails for about $550, is more like a command centre. Importantly, it's larger than my colleague directly opposite me, as I like to point out.

It's perfect for the two larger monitors I use plus a laptop, keyboard and mouse.

It's super easy to move up and down. So, the only excuse for not using it, is my failure to remember, the busyness of the day or sheer laziness.

When you read about the ill effects of sitting down for too long, it makes you want to stand up - again and again.

If I had my treadmill from home, and a set of headphones, I could seriously walk for kilometres while I'm writing this piece. (Yes, I am standing and typing).

The American Journal of Epidemiology conducted a study in 2010 on the correlation between sitting and an individual's physical health.

The study confirmed that people who were reported sitting for more than 6 hours during their leisure time versus less than three hours per day has an approximately 40% higher all-cause death rate.

Human development researcher Sabine Schaefer also found that memory performance improved when walking as opposed to sitting.

By mixing up your daily routine between sitting and standing, there is a lower risk of weight gain and obesity as it becomes easier for your body to burn calories.

Reports show that standing will burn 50% more calories than sitting.

This means that you can burn 50 more calories per hour, which accounts for 200 per day and 50,000 per year.

The regular exercise and movement also lowers the chances of diabetes, as insulins effectiveness can drop to 40% by standing for a short time.

You also lower the risks of cancer, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Experts say that by splitting your time 50-50 between sitting and standing, you will also be able to improve your physical, metabolic and even mental health, resulting in a more productive and happier work day.

The Varidesk we tested is the ProPlus 36, the most popular model. It comes with free shipping in Australia. You can check out other options at

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