‘Devastating impact’: Cop’s trauma after shooting

A FEMALE police officer who was shot at in a dramatic shootout in a Gold Coast car park has suffered a "devastating impact" from the crime, a court has heard.

Daniel White Mayne was found guilty in May of attempted striking to resist arrest over the January 2017 incident.

During the trial in Brisbane Supreme Court, the jury heard White-Mayne pulled a loaded revolver from his bag when police attempted to arrest him for suspected stealing.

Police fired at him and he suffered bullet wounds to his thigh, foot and scrotum and he then returned fire.

Daniel White-Mayne. Picture: Facebook
Daniel White-Mayne. Picture: Facebook

In a sentencing hearing today, the court heard a female officer heard a gun shot and immediately felt pain and that it was likely as a result of being hit by shrapnel after the bullet fired by White-Mayne struck a bollard.

A victim impact statement was tendered to the court by the female constable who has been unable to return to work since the incident due to the mental impact and an injury to her back caused during the incident.

After reading the victim impact statement, Justice Martin Burns said it was clear the incident had a "devastating impact" on the police officer.

"She hasn't returned to work," he said.

"And that's had terrible financial consequences and affects on her personally.

"That should come as no surprise (that the incident) ... had a terrible impact on her."

Prosecutor Judith Geary said White-Mayne had a significant criminal history including an offence of serious assault in which he struck a female police officer.

Defence barrister Angus Edwards said his client White-Mayne almost died from his injuries after being shot by police.

"He accepts that is a result of his own actions," he said.

Mr Edwards said until today's hearing, it had been "of some comfort" to him believing that he had been the only one injured.

He said his client did not know the female officer had been injured until he heard it in court after the judge referred to her victim impact statement.

"He never intended for her to suffer serious injury," Mr Edwards said.

"He has himself been traumatised by what happened that day."

Mr Edwards said White Mayne was remorseful for his actions.

"He recognises police were just doing their job," he said. "He thought he could scare the police away, it didn't work out that way. "He himself ended up being shot and almost dying."

Justice Burns will sentence White-Mayne next Friday.

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